It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen


Ideas! Ideas are something, human being never run out of. Be it a child optimizing his summer vacations, a woman trying to rustle up a sumptuous meal for her husband’s friends or a man trying to expand and adapt his business. Ideas are as omnipresent as microbes or those infinite particles in the air. Yes, in short, ideas are analogous to those tiny, infinite entities that constitute everything, yet their existence, when subjected to naked eyes, is non-existent and immaterial.
That was just the metaphorical part .Literally speaking , ideas do remain redundant  , pretty much like a sapling that gets no water , sunshine and optimum temperature.  Entrepreneurs, however, are those who not only dream but also cultivate those ideas. Entrepreneurs  out there are pursuing big goals  , taking risk at various levels and investing time at something that may not work out but nevertheless they have a passion for what they are doing , trying to find success in their areas , no matter how small. A single restaurateur or an online food retailer ,one homeless shelter or a global  education program to curb homelessness, a chocolate shop or a chocolate fountain manufacturer , it’s an entrepreneur who will always be at helm of  these ventures.
Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg are some of the stellar and well known entrepreneurs who had the determination to make their dreams and ideas happen. In return, their ideas reshaped our society, globalized our environment and reduced earth to a well connected planet, connected again by countless such ideas, comments and thoughts.  Education, health tips, motivation and yes, even innovation are few clicks away.
Richard Branson ,  4th richest citizen of the United Kingdom , according to Forbes 2012  list of Billionaires , who would have thought , started his first business venture with a magazine , called student , at the age of 16. A magazine was closely followed a chain of record stores, called Virgin Records, which rapidly grew to Virgin Megastores. Today, Richard Branson is owner of Virgin Atlantic and expanded the Virgin Records music label. An idea that sparked somewhere in the corner of his mind has solidified into an empire , known as Virgin Group which comprises more than 400 companies today.  Employment, economy boom, sustenance, service to the masses and harnessing of technology are the by-products of a single idea. Though one is compelled to believe, that making that idea happen, reaping it like a sapling with all the required ingredients and conditions is what that matters the most.


Similarly was a student , hardly 13 years old , who  started from mowing his garden to owning his own company .By the time , he turned an undergraduate , he had 6 full time employees working for him , of his parents’ age. An idea that turned an occupation to a company that provides mowing services, employment to dedicated masses, catering to the society simultaneously. One couldn’t help marvel at the potential of a single idea.
Google itself, at the initial level was, just an idea, a mission to organize the seemingly infinite amount of information on the internet. Founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, however, came forward and started Google Inc. in a friend’s garage. Today, the company has grown to over 20,000 full-time employees worldwide, and has incorporated in our daily life like a basic necessity. A wide array of innovations, products, partnerships, campaigns, global programs has escalated its stature to way beyond its modest initialization as a web search engine. What mattered in the end, though, was that they gave their idea a chance.
Thomas Alva Edison had rightly said that he hadn’t failed, rather, found 10,000 ways that won’t work. So with little imagination and courage , we need to step out and strive for those several ways that won’t work before they actually spring into some action. An idea, if not properly executed, if not properly planned is just as futile as an idea that lingered only in our mindset. It need not necessarily be a great or fabulous but how effectively and efficiently it has been pursued, matters the most, to make a venture really substantive.
Aforementioned people, work with efficient members in a team, they are more organized to lead their venture, their enterprise, to a global standard. It’s the word ‘organized’ that needs to be stressed upon, something which demarcates a line between a dreamer and an entrepreneur. Developed nations, work on a proper, thoroughly researched and well –crafted business plan. A plan that estimates about the surrounding competition , buyer- supplier relationships , market-segments , revenues , financial resourcing and etc to give your idea not just a direction but also refreshing it to embrace and survive the market flows and upheavals.

Creativity, a team and company of people who share the same passion to push those idea forward, right relationships, background or knowledge accumulation, evaluation and finally an implementation of the idea, is ideally the perfect recipe to create a new dimension of the performance.


 Lakhs of students let their dreams and aspirations embedded beneath their hearts, particularly in our country. It’s high time, that we take that very first step, to let it come into life and produce. One must have the zeal and courage to work towards their idea, and, yes, make it happen.

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