It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen!!


I woke up suddenly. I had some crazy dream and somehow, it seemed like the dream I was just waiting for! I walked up to my study table, dragged the chair, roughly pulled out some blank sheets from drawer and started scribbling harshly with my pen. No! I can’t let this go. This is what I had been waiting for.
After finishing the scribbling, I rose from my chair and sat on my bed side, with a sense of satisfaction and relief.
I don’t remember since when I have this habit of getting up at odd intervals and scribble. These points are about the things that pop in my mind, at random times, just some quick flashes of vivid images, calculations and/or conversations. If I miss them at that moment, they are gone! Gone where? I don’t know!
But, when I try to find answer of “since when?” my memory always trails back to this one phrase – an idea is all that it takes. And my lips automatically curve into a small, one sided smile.
I’m three, sitting in my granny’s lap. My uncle is reading newspaper and shouting “an idea is all that it takes” over to his wife. Apparently, some of his friend has made a profit beyond imagination. My uncle continued “I still remember, he was always a step behind me, but he had this revolutionary idea…..”.
The voice trailed off as I went to another room. Seeing my mother trying to pleat her saree so hard, I had an idea, a saree with its pleats stitched to an elastic band! I ran to my uncle and shared this with him, the whole family started laughing. I didn’t understand why. I let it go.
I was ten, my brother was being scolded. He had spent too much on fuel. I had an idea, again. A bike,  which could fuel itself from the waste or air or water. But now, I knew just idea isn’t enough. You need to prove it! Else you are a laugh stock. I let it go.
I was fifteen, and when my phone rang, I was shattered! My dad was no more! Details later said he had a car crash and death was because of the impulsive impact of hitting to the front glass. My mind again sketched the picture of how might have it actually happened. And it kept rewinding the possibilities. In middle of nowhere, my mind pictured my dad being crashed to the glass, but before he could actually make contact, a pillow was stuffed in between. Was my day saved? Of course, yes! But sadly, only in my day dream. Wait, but that was an idea again! No, this time, I couldn’t let it go.
It took me a week to absorb the greatest loss. And then, I wouldn’t sit quite. Days passed, and after a month of efforts, framing and re-framing my idea, my idea took a concrete form. I wandered office to office, company to company, selling my design. None bought it. Why? Simple – it was just an idea!
I wanted to do it! For my dad, for my peace, for my respect, for people who could be possible saved. I had no choice, I started my own garage. I hired a friend of mine, doing his mechanical engineering, as my first employee. We found many flaws. I was dejected. We needed a more sophisticated system. And then, there was our second employee, a computer science engineer. The engineers modeled the design of random images in my mind perfectly. But now, I was depriving of the capital that I collected from my pocket money. I had loan problems too, of course, who would loan an “unreliable employee”? I had to manage in bare expenses, cutting down my shopping, bills, and even food!
Now it’s my seventeenth test, undoubtedly, first sixteen are failures. I put my helmet and sat in my car, started it, accelerated, accelerated, and boom! I crashed it against a wall. Miracle? It happened! The air pillow blew just in time and I didn’t have a single scratch! We did it!
For every four wheel that drove in my garage, I offered them to test the air pillow. Soon the name spread and far off people started driving their vehicles in. This soon solved my financial problems! In fact, I could even give bonus to my, now six, employees.
That’s how it started – my business!

Days passed, and I started investing in other small things that could take care of driver’s safety. My  empire started to grow! I ventured in designing models compatible with the safety tools. I went in investing technology, designing, tie-ups, etc. I brought in more and more smaller companies. I was a millionaire. Not that it didn’t take time or energy or patience or sleep or food or leisure or hard work away from me, but it gave an ultimate pleasure. It was never easy to bring new ideas into existence, but good relations, enthusiastic staff, family support and innovative ideas helped me a lot! Not to mention, the dedicated efforts of my engineering friends to convert my brazier images flashes into real life entities. I own everything today, but I miss my hero, my dad.
I heard a soft knock at the door, it startled me. No, I’m not three or ten or fifteen year old anymore. I’m 34 now! I was day dreaming. Why was that? May be because its dad’s death anniversary today, or may be just because I’m standing in front of his portrait. Before I could say “come in”, I sensed my throat had gone stiff. Damn! I was crying! I took a step towards the table, drained down some water in hurry and called in authorized, strong voice “come in”. It was my personal assistant.
We sat across the Parnian table in my plush cabin. I briefed her out about the scribbling I had done last night and asked her to prepare a ppt of it. She left with a smile which clearly said “you got it again, clients can’t say no”. As it happened, my clients were highly impressed by my idea of how we can use the waste materials that people dump away to generate the most efficient fuel one had ever used. Till today, I was ranked as “the second richest business man”, and with confirmation of this deal, I tagged myself as “the richest businessman”. Who was first? The same old friend of my uncle, Mr Abhi Helda.
Lots more actually go behind the scenes. Failures, mismanages, market clashes, stealing of confidential ideas, misuse of resources, financial strains, sleepless nights, parting from family and not to mention, the pleasure if winning, the excitement of fresh start, the relief of finally getting it done, the satisfaction of seeing your ideas take a shape. But, people tend to miss interpret and say “an idea is all that it takes”.
Now I can say, not just to uncle, but to everyone out there reading this – It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen!!

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  1. Pavan says:

    Such an inspiring yet realistic story..!!
    Many go through that ‘nobody takes me seriously’ feel but very few overcome this feel and make dreams come true…!!
    This one is for all such ppl…!!

  2. Murugesh says:

    Indeed, your thoughts are rolling in the right direction sis… But as Uncle says rightly above, it takes a lot of practical thinking nowadays… Before you present any idea, you need to have a Business case, unless you have enough money to take it up yourself… Nevertheless, these things should not stop us from dreaming… Get and Idea madamji 🙂

  3. Prakash Nad says:

    Mere ideas can end up as day-dreams. IMPLEMENTING and follow through the LONG ARDUOUS journey makes THE DIFFERENCE.

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