It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen


It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen

The given phrase gives a clear path for all the budding entrepreneurs who are with innovative ideas and make them to happen possible. In my opinion being with passionate ideas works to some extent, but implementing those ideas with proper underground work will make the budding to the leader of original shape in their projects.

Making of dreams to be happen is very big task involves with self-confidence, one should worthy enough of believing in them under all the conditions. Resources, here I don’t mean any specific external properties but it means all the positive elements that involves in it. For every entrepreneur there should be a platform to showcase about their ideas and implementing methods to get their products.

Encouragement and publicity are essential for every startup, these are the priorities to look upon as because encouragement makes them to produce their products and publicity to sell their products in to the market, will prove themselves.

In regard to implement ideas one should have clean knowledge on their project and manner to execute the project successfully. This also needs some success stories to motivate them in similar projects. Even some times failures also works a lot to avoid mistakes. Even failure stories give experience for being better in many ways.

Implementing new ideas from time to time gives the startups a new zeal and also the status of them in the market. It is a key factor to know themselves in the competitive world.

Now I would like to share my idea of my dream, from the early age of mine I strongly felt to be my own group of companies. Now I’m in my Final year of graduation, just a week back I got of starting a company which provides professional training of both technical and non-technical topics. But this training is not a traditional school teaching or spoon feeding. It is something beyond that which makes a student to research on the field he likes.

Later on I will move to developing side and outsourcing side in software sector.  This is all about my dream. Now I explain my plan to implement my ideas. To launch my start up, I am going to conduct a workshop on open source software in my city. I think it’s a perfect way to launch.

I think the given phrase suits me well. Finally I like to say, the world is not the people who have ideas. But it is for the people who implement the innovative ideas to be happen possible.


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