“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas Happen.”


“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas Happen.”

Shakespeare once remarked: Nothing is either good or bad, only thinking makes it so. The strenuous journey of being an entrepreneur from a freelancer has several hurdles which need to be vanquished by inculcating the desire to achieve high by incorporating the ideas of economic wellness. If Steve jobs wouldn’t have imagined of making Apple and converting his dreams into the giant reality, then the mankind wouldn’t have witnessed the spark of the new techno era.

The word entrepreneur has paved his way from the French dictionary which equates it to someone who pursues long term business of their own. They are the people who despite of bearing repeated failures and adversities still have the zeal to strive harder singing the song ”Rejection is an opportunity for your selection”.

An entrepreneur is a person who transforms the thoughts, the mind boggling ideas into new inventions by substituting the subservient goods to new products. It has enhanced the dynamic arena of industrial development and economic advancement. It is as simple as the evolution of GSM and CDMA services which completely eradicated the 1G analog cellular networks which merely implied the assimilation of existing technologies by blending additional features into them in a novel manner.

Entrepreneurship is like tossing a coin or throwing a die which being random events can generate both positive and negative outcomes. Huge capital investment in the new ventures has complete chance of risk in the shadow of profits. The psychological makeup of an entrepreneur must possess creativity-the simultaneous learning ,brainstorming and thinking out of the box ;determination-the immense desire of being uniquely successful; dedication-to work for long hours undermining one’s personal comfort and luxuries; leadership-making aims as zenith’s height and imbibing to the rules and regulations; flexibility –to sustain in the global market and adapt oneself to changing marketing challenges; self confidence-having one’s own perception and point of view; being smart-by brushing one’s knowledge and skill through experience can change the coal within us into diamond and contribute in converting our fruitful ideas into realities. It’s not merely selling and purchasing but also introspecting oneself in the due course of time developing interpersonal as well as intrapersonal relationships. If we team up, then it encourages the decision making process, management techniques, creativity, and emotional quotient. Apart from generalizing one’s own accomplishments, an entrepreneur in a broader sense help in captivating the banes of unemployment , strengthening the industrial development and research in one’s nation bestowing to the upliftment of primitive regions . AN IDEA CAN CHANGE THE LIFE OF OTHER’S TOO!

Establishing a business doesn’t mean you need to come up with something stupendous like Dell, Microsoft, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Google. It’s initially the cornerstone of an idea must be to generate ransom without being in debt of something. Start up must be such taking into considerations  prior research about the utility , cost , exportability , manufacturing processes involved for the raw material, environmental conditions other liabilities such as tax , insurance , labour cost required in our set up . Eventually the focus must be shifted to determine whether our idea for the future launch of a product or company has potential in the home as well as global market or not or whether it shall flourish in coming scenario with the revamping trends. We must try to devise ways and design such products which best suits to our green era inhibiting the growth of pollution because we are curse of this mammoth problem which is a serious concern. If we adapt the principles of green chemistry, then our products will cater tremendous demands as it will save both bucks and environment”our mother earth”!

There are three segments: reduce money, reduce time, and reduce distance which plays a very magnanimous role in economy. Advertising and broadcasting or publicity of ideas through media, magazines, other multiple social networking websites and apps strengthened the company’s market share thereby globalising the business transactions within fraction of seconds. If a company leverages all the social Medias, it can emerge as a big boom! Innovating strategies must be implemented to be something different than others such as Mark  Zuckerberg , the fame name of “Facebook “ which brought up huge surprise to millions of people around the globe to communicate with one another and finally turned him to the biggest IPO of all time. It took Jeff  Bezos around 48 hours to quit his job and start with Amazon which has completely changed the definition of online selling and purchasing of goods which have reduced the physical analogy of buying products or creation of malls ,other shopping establishments thereby remarkably squishing distance, time and money! Kolakube which sells business theme online ,emerged as a result of specific groove in the brain of Alex Mangini who integrated his skills of Photoshop and web designing which has serious thrived the business over brink. An idea which has come up as a boon to the savvy online marketers and bloggers! “Be a King. Dare to be Different, dare to manifest your greatness”-Jaachynma  N .E. Agu

If we analyse the growth and development of developed and developing countries, we may sight the three sectors which have completely swayed the international market and trading scenario is education, health, tourism. Exaggerating on their importance, they have paved their roots in almost all domains of society. Education has stretched vast arena of itself .Tutoring services for elementary and high school students can be provided both online or offline and we have witnessed that in current decade various premier institutions all over the world sell their tutorials online which contributes in financing their research and development. On campus staffing service can be done by the entrepreneurs to establish connection between enthusiastic students and industrial giants which can be helpful in developing a scientific, social and economical environment. Graphic arts, web designing, themes and catalogue for various products can be provided by entrepreneurs and also services shall be provided. In the field of health sector, various restaurants can be set up to place orders online hereby connecting the flavours of continents to each and every part of the world. Late night food delivery services can be started up for working class people who can be an interesting as well as long term service with short investment. Event organising companies shall be started up such that they can organise various functions and this is inevitable as one thing which persists and its omnipresence is everlasting is consumer.  Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines services can be started up to distribute and sell all across the globe .Transportation services can also be started up for passengers traveling across the globe. Many ideas can be generated, can be evolved by discussions forums, brainstorming but the task lies in converting the iron ore into steel which will in turn supply the surplus demands.

“Don’t set your goals by what other people deem important.”-Jaachynma N.E.Agu

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