Job and entrepreneurship


Job and entrepreneurship. Is there really a difference between the two? Yes there is. Job: Getting up every morning at the same time by an alarm and going to work six days a week for the whole month to get a check at the end of the month, so that you can spend this money somewhere else or save it to secure your future. Whereas entrepreneurship is getting up without an alarm or having frequent sleepless nights in order to create or do something which you’re passionate about. You will do it no matter if it’s going to get you any money or not, simply because it is what needs to be done. And a large part of money earned will again go into the business. And there’s no need for securing future as you’re creating the future.


So why even when entrepreneurship sounds cool, people run for jobs. Security. Yeah, that’s the only reason. People who go for jobs fear to take risks, and they want to settle after sometime in future. This is one big myth, that you can ever be secure. Life is merely about securing the future, but about living the present. So now people are beginning to understand this simple thing. Is it? Actually, no. Entrepreneurship was there even when jobs were not. I guess, it has been there when we came to realize that we are social animals. You doubt it? Let’s discuss what entrepreneurship is at the core of it. It is not being your own boss. It is not just being different than other. And it is not about making money, for sure. Then what is it? It is simply how world works. It is about thinking, learning, discussing, being social, and then finally creating things for the betterment of self and the society to find the solutions to the existing problems or to make our life easy and better.

Then why people run after jobs. Why they think jobs are important? It is because of the industrial revolution which began in 19th century and has screwed us for many years, big time. Industrial revolution made most of us slaves and few of us kings. It created the huge economic disparities which we are now trying to reduce. It has polluted our environment, made us greedy, jealous, evil to earn money which in turn resulted in corruption, bad health, etc. And most important of all, it has made us believe that creativity doesn’t matter, and hard work is the only way to success.  It made us believe that you have to have a college degree to get a job, and you have to have a job to make a living. Even then you have these, you have to struggle each and every day, following orders of your boss, and do things which you really don’t care about or which doesn’t excites you.

How can things change? They are changing all ready. Internet has a huge role to play in it, bringing us back to the track which was almost lost. People are more aware now, they are able to connect with likeminded people, they are able to learn different things, and moreover they are getting recognized for their creative work.

Our previous generation, and our parents especially will never be able to understand this. Simply because they were made to believe things which has now entered in their existence that it is very hard to remove. But we, young people know how valuable and cool entrepreneurship is. And we are going to show this to the whole world. And make this world a better place, where people can pursue what they love to do, and end the notion of secured jobs. So my father too, doesn’t understand what I want to do. He can get scared. I am not!

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