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My son is now an entrepreneur.  That’s what I call someone who has the courage, the zeal, the chutzpah to dream, to act and to try no matter how low the odds are, of victory. An entrepreneur is a risk taker. Yes, he does not have a job, because he chose not to have one. He chose not to work under someone, for someone. He chose to have more freedom. To have a job has a charm of its own, undoubtedly. But a business of one’s own is in fact valuable and respectable in its own different way. It is a stereotype people have developed; that being safe with a job is the smartest thing to do.

Entrepreneurs perceive their work life as a sheet of canvas with absolutely no rules to stand by, nobody to judge them, no obligations to follow while they paint anything, anyway they want. They in fact are a lot of lucky souls in this world who are privileged, because they possess the strength to take chances. Are they a bunch of failures with no job? No. They are brave enough to rise above defeats. An entrepreneur, a starter at that, is expected to be immune to the words shot by the world. An idea may not always be a smart one. It may not always be a successful one. It may not even be realistic at times. However, an entrepreneur has to develop an ability to predict the chances of the idea being a success. One also needs to heed the lessons of failure. In both cases, experience continues to be the best teacher. It indeed is the saying that goes best with risk takers.

Technically, an entrepreneur is the one who is the employee and the employer himself. One has to fulfil the criteria the job demands, to work with a company, or to work under one, so to say. However, an entrepreneur works for himself, and in a field that is his forte. Now, his forte is building ideas, materialising them. How many of us would want to have dreams involving constraints? Dreams in fact are the only driving factor that can get us to set a goal, and work for it. If dreams started becoming realistic, tied up with constraints, commitments and promises, that’s when their charm has already gone. This is exactly why entrepreneurship came into being. A chance to materialise our dreams, a chance to set a goal and work towards it; with nobody to lead you, nobody to narrow down your thoughts and abilities, nobody to set regulations about the way you achieve the target.

If this is what entrepreneurs do, then sons are better off without a job. From Sir Azim Premji, Honourable Chairman of Wipro, to Ms Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the chairperson of Biocon, one of the best biotechnology firms in India, (originated in Ireland); entrepreneurship has made people excellent professionals in all fields. Sir Azim Premji , despite being an engineer himself and very much capable of pursuing his career in an established company, took to the entrepreneurship sector, in order to keep his father’s well set business alive. We may wonder what his idea and his goal was, if all he did was to run his father’s business. But, there is a concept in the market which says that one needs to follow up with the advancement of the minds of the nation’s population, and that of their lifestyle. To keep up with this, Mr. Premji then changed the company from a soap and oil enterprise to a software and IT firm, which now is one of the top 1000 in the Forbes global list. It takes smart work, contacts and the liberty to lead, in order to take a step this significant and huge. He was merely a B.Tech graduate when he began to lead. This makes it evident that it is not just intelligence that matters, but the zeal and the excitement to take a chance, and play smart. An entrepreneur has it all, and an aspiring one learns to have it all. Yes, I am proud of my son.

Ms Kiran Mazumda Shaw, an ambitious student of her time, evolved Biocon from an industrial enzymes manufacturing company to a bio-pharmaceutical company altogether. This in fact has earned her several awards including the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards from the government of India. As amazing as it sounds, it was not a piece of cake for her to get there. A start up that she had was an office built in a garage with a minimal amount of fund. For the category that she fell in, considering her gender, youth and the fact that she was a fresher, indeed made it even tougher for her to achieve success. It was a challenge for her in every step of her career to stay strong and focussed at the same time.

Had any of these brilliant entrepreneurs lost hope or given in to the crowd’s comments and discouragement, the growing achiever in them would have died and they would not taste the success they enjoy today. Using failure as a stepping stone they moulded a bright future for themselves and for their fellow citizens. Personalities like these shall continue to serve as an inspiration for the youth today. A soul, a mind that dares to dream, has to care to achieve it. No matter how cliché the line sounds, it ought to be true and practically a challenge to follow. And yes, my son indeed is my pride.

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