KVL – Bringing innovations within the reach of the average person


Thinking of innovations, a myriad of images comes to our minds. The IPod, Steve Jobs, Android above all and the more conventional Einstein theories flash in and out. Defining innovations in a whole new perspective is our subject entrepreneurship, KVL Innovations.

KVL Innovations, a fresh name on the block, is all set to bring innovations out in the open and within the reach of the average person. From simple everyday solutions like mosquito repellants (courtesy: K Mohan, founder) to more “techie” (technology-oriented) gadgets like mobile trackers, the Chennai-based company aims to provide these facilities at affordable prices.

Says K Mohan, the founder and CEO of KVL Innovations,”Our main goal is to make available latest innovations to all and sundry.”


It had all started in early 2006 when the founder, then a diploma student, was hit by a concern for the prevention of mosquito diseases prevalent in his town. Thus the first innovation in his career-the Herbal Mosquito Repellant- was born.

Seven innovations, seven national awards and six state awards later he founded a company, KVL Innovations in November, 2011 and is presently the CEO and is managing it along with Mr. Kanakaraj who is the Managing Director.


Area of work and recent developments:

The company is driven to solve basic problems of life and overall, improve its quality. It aims to provide technology-oriented services.

It’s most recent innovation is a mobile recharge service branded as “Handy Affluden” signifying Mobile Recharge in German. It would provide recharge kiosks similar to ATMs which would enable users to recharge their cell phones through their bank account/credit cards.

As a budding entrepreneurship, the marketing of the company is maintained by allied online firms like ScienceWorld.com.

The Founder and CEO is currently a B Tech student at SRM University, Chennai and has the company headquarters at the university. When asked about his future plans, he replies candidly, ”I intend to provide access to all my innovations and expand them as brands. My long term goal is to develop KVL into an R&D firm.” True to its tagline, KVL is a true representation of “Imagination and Innovation.”


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