KVL Innovation- A start-up by my friend


It is true that a start-up needs much support to become a successful start-up. This support can be financial support, family and friends support or expert support but most important is the need of your start-up, product or services you are going to provide in market. And above all are your idea, courage and belief on your talent and hard work makes the start-up a successful start-up.

One of my very good college friend and classmate K.Mohan started his start-up in the year 2011. The name of his start-up is “KVL Innovation”. He is the founder of KVL Innovation and presently he is pursuing his B.Tech degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from SRM University, Chennai. He is such an excellent technically sound student that he always trying to innovate something good and new. There are always some ideas going on in his mind. He does his innovative work apart from his regular college study. He innovated a number of products.

The journey of his innovation started from the time when he was doing his polytechnic from the Kongu Engineering College. As he has keen interest in technical field and technical products, he started thinking technically and thought to solve the problem and difficulties in and around our society technically. He thought of making some products which helps people to save time and to do the work easily with less effort. In the three years of his polytechnic he got strong ideas and started working on his projects to make some user friendly product. His work is very much appreciated by the college administration. He started taking part in the technical competition like Project design competition, mini project competition. His hard work, will and interest in technology brought many successes for him. After completing his polytechnic he joined SRM University in the year 2010. He continued his passion about technology and to design and bring something new.

After his great hard work in the year 2010 he successfully completed his project on “Mobile Tracking Device”. He made the “Mobile Tracking Device” and for this product he won National Level Award. After some days he got a call from Chennai DGP office. DGP of Chennai called him in a meeting and asked him to come up with his product (Mobile Tracking Device). After meeting and seeing the efficiency and advantage of the product the DGP decided to place this tracking device into the jail area so that they can track the illegal mobile being used in the jail. It’s a moment of great pride for Mohan that after winning National level award for his product now his device is going to be used in the jail for the security reason of the jail. In the same year he comes up with an idea of making a “Dosa Machine” by the end of year he successfully made his “Dosa Machine” which can make 30 Dosa in a minute the machine has a box in which the material (by which dosa is prepared) to be fed into the machine and after pressing the switch it can produce 30 Dosa in a minute. For this he won “Villgrow best Idea Presentation Award” in 2010 and also reached up to final round in the TATA DOT best start-up Award. Now he is known as the “student innovator” of SRM University. The university offers him every facility (study, accommodation, food etc.) free of cost and in October 2011 he started his own company “KVL Innovation”. This is the journey of his start-up.

His star-up is supported by SRM University and the office is in University Campus. With the small investment he started the company and going to launch his every innovation in the name of “KVL Innovation”. As he is founder and innovator his main expanse goes on to buying the materials required to make the product/project.

The area of working is innovation and making technical products. Presently he is working on a project named “Handly Recharge Machine” going to be launch in a month. This is named as Handly Recharge Machine because we can recharge our prepaid mobile by our own no need to go to the recharge shop. With the help of this machine we can recharge our phones by entering the mobile number, amount and swapping the credit/debit card in the machine. The purpose behind this product is that people have to go to recharge shop, write their number sometimes it’s not confidential specially for girls and moreover sometimes due to the mistake of recharge shopkeeper the recharge goes to some other number. But in this machine there is no such problem is there. It’s a user friendly machine the transaction is confidential and secure as the transaction part is handled by the mobile network provider.

For the marketing of this product he spoke to various mobile network companies he met with managers of TATA DOCOMO, Vodafone, Aircel and Videocon. After seeing his presentation, machine and benefit from it they agreed to take this machine. The business model or the marketing plan of this machine is such that the companies also get more and direct profit than what they are getting from the retailer system at present. In the present system there are various dealers under each dealer there are many sub-dealer are working and everyone has their commission, say for example in the recharge of Rs 10 the customer gets talk value of Rs 6 rest Rs 4 is the service charge in that Rs 4 the network company is getting less than 50% because here the dealer, sub-dealer, retailer everyone has some commission. But in this “Handly Recharge Machine” there is no chain of dealer and sub-dealer there is 50%-50% partnership between Network Company and the owner of machine. As a example on recharge of Rs 10 the service charge is Rs 4 so the machine owner will get Rs 2 and Network Company will get Rs 2. So company will get more benefit by this machine. This machine is successfully tested and it will be soon launch in the market.

His various products won 2 National and 6 State Level Awards as of now. He also won many college level awards and prizes of his projects. His “Mobile Tracking Device” won National Award and SRM Innominds Award in 2010. His “Dosa Making Machine” won Villgrow best Idea Presentation Award and CII Award in 2011. He is the guest speaker in TEDxVellammal.

His future plan is to open his company’s office in Chennai city also and continue his innovation in the field of Technology to make life better and easier.


Priyadarshi Pritam
SRM University, 2013
About me: I am a enthusiastic, responsible and well networked person. I belief in hard work and dedication towards the goal. Apart from my regular studies I am actively participating and looking to participate in extra-curricular activities and campus program because these kind of activities bring many qualities in a student which is very necessary nowadays.


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