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What is this? Think of some of the features of a cassette. Yeah all that but there’s one more thing it’s no more used its extinct and why is it so. It’s because it has failed to change and is replaced by new technology like the CD and it is also getting obsolete with USB and so on.

Hello fellow entrepreneurs my topic of discussion as you all have guessed is change. Change is an absolute necessity with passage of time.

Imagine if hundreds of years ago the Stone Age people decided not to do anything to improve the way they lived. Imagine that they never discovered how to make fire, how to write on walls using symbols, how to make houses, boats and how to cook food. Imagine that they just remained the way they were.

Then what would we do how would we live we would still be eating whatever we got we would wear just one piece of animal skin to cover our bodies and live in grass or none at all.

This doesn’t only apply in today’s developing world but also in the old times. For e.g. why do many species extinct as years go by. It’s because they fail to change they fail to adapt to the surrounding and hence they fail to survive.

So learn to change. I mean make a graph of your life if you see it’s falling down its high time to bring in some change. One of my friends here is a great example for that. He wanted to pursue architecture but he noticed the scope was falling and hence lands up here in my college doing BBA. I am not suggesting not following your dream, if being an architect is you’re your dream then do follow your dream. If getting a career in which opportunities are immense then go for that career.

What happens when you leave a piece of bread just like that fungus develops.

Alright who believes that they don’t have the best lives; be honest who wants something more from life. So how do you think you’re going to get what you want? The results will change only when you change your course of action. How do scientists make theories or make whatever they make. Trial and error method that means they try to change combinations of things to get optimum result.

Just think about what Anna Hazare is doing he is trying to bring a change. Why do you think elections are held every five years so that the ministers change according to time and they bring with them changes in the country?

You may have been told that you may last long. But let me tell you that it was once told by everyone that computers would not last long. But they have changed in technology from computers to laptops from laptops to palm top and have survived for a long time.

We should learn something from Ekta Kapoor. I don’t mean that you make T.V. shows like her. Her T.V serials have irritated me for quite a few years. Anyways what I mean is when the show gets boring because of the same cat and mouse chase between Saas (mother-in-law) and Bahu (daughter-in-law) what she does is she takes a 20 years leap in the show where the Bahu becomes the Saas, the Saas becomes the grandma who is celebrating her 120th birthday.

But what we do we refrain to change. We complain when things change. We don’t accept changes. We make excuses like I want to but I can’t what if it doesn’t work. Stop making excuses do what you want to think how the change will make your life better. When things change we start complaining. For e.g. Facebook it started with a very basic design and now it’s keep changing often and we just keep on complaining. First the chat interface changed people complained now there’s some other change so now they are comfortable with the chat interface and the new change is disliked.

There are three kinds of people who don’t change:

1)      Fools: they just don’t change

2)     Dead: they can’t change

3)     Wisest: they think that if they are already at the top what’s the need to change.


But they fail to understand that they can be replaced by other people who are not afraid to change. Who adapt to their surrounding and survive. Kodak is very good example they went out of camera business while they were leader of the industry for over 50 years. The top officials didn’t accepted that digital era is coming and they should move to digital camera domain. By the time they realized its very late and they have lost most of the market share.

So don’t be afraid don’t be lazy to improve, develop, CHANGE.  Change is highly important for an entrepreneur and adapting with changing industry will help you experience the success sooner. I would like to conclude by saying a few simple word “we either evolve or we dissolve”.

Gaurav Mishra

(Guest author: Techaloo)


  1. charlyge says:

    wow I really love this article

  2. Stephan Rodrigues says:

    Change is an important thing in life….Innovation is necessary everywhere  in every phase of our life. as humans we keep changing with new technologies and new thinking. therefore, change is a must…A change makes u think activley not passively. change brings out a new discovery and a  new invention. A change can change the world we live in just like facebook has changed the world …A change makes the way for everyone to come up with their new ideas.

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