As an entrepreneur, it is pertinent to note that ideas flow freely, but seeing those ideas through to completion is another thing entirely. Also, many of us fail to realize that ideas can be compare to butterfly that fly anytime, any day, any place. Once ideas are not utilize at the right time, it disappears.

No wonder, ideas can come while eating, drinking, bathing, cooking, washing, while in church, mosque, school or any other social gathering. We can put the ideas on paper before it goes off memory. After jotting the ideas, it is pertinent to make proper follow-ups in order to make it happen.

In essence, you and I might have thousands of great ideas in our head but it’s all meaningless until we do something about it. Also, it is possible to know the dos and don’t surrounding entrepreneur but it is incomplete when one fail to utilize it, or rather put into practice. For illustration, if my friend had earlier known, h would have make his ideas happen. This friend of mine has the intention of going into large scale farming to cater for both his family and for sales. Luckily, he has already acquired human and financial resources to execute his business plan, but the problem is that, he did not know how to put the ideas into action. What a pity. Infact at this point, it is so glaring that many people have plenty of ideas, but how to execute or make such ideas happen is the major concern. It is so pathetic, that some even joke with whatever ideas they have, not knowing for them that every idea has its own usefulness whether we like it or not.

Having noted the need to make ideas happen, the first thing to put into consideration is potential maximization that will show how to generate new opportunities, cultivate personal creative expertise, build valuable relationships and take bold, new risks, so as to utilize one’s talents to the fullest. Also let’s check these out if truly we are ready to make our ideas happen-let us do away with the word impossibility from our dictionary. There is nothing that’s impossible, even in God’s dictionary there is nothing as such. It is not amazing, as contain in the scripture reading that with God all things are possible. The same Holy Book indicate that, ask and it shall be given unto you, knock and the door of blessing shall be open for you. Invariably as an entrepreneur, we have to make our ideas happen by taking faithful steps. I belief one thing that, if we are so determined, our ideas will definitely come into reality. We should not just fold our arms, thereby expect manners from heaven. We need to move closer to the ideas we have, ponder over it again and again and ask ourselves these questions-is my idea of entrepreneurial benefit? If yes, to what extent? Also what will the societal members stand to gain from such ideas, if it finally comes into reality?

It is also essential to focus on the possibilities instead of the limitations. Whenever we place our focus solely on limitations, it always weakens our ideas and sometimes kills the ideas. As regards the case of my friend, if he had earlier focus on possibilities, he would not have encountered any problem. At the end of everything, we all see how his business plan of large scale farming was jeopardize.

Besides possibilities, it is also pertinent to write down our ideas for reference and remembrance purpose and set a deadline. If at all, we could not remember vividly the idea, we can always bounce back to the jottings as alternative. Also, be open to feedback and suggestions from friends and family for variety of ideas. If there are many business suggestions on ground, we can as well meditate on the best one to execute.

Lastly, hang around with successful people who make their ideas happen, so as to serve as a guide and avoid whatever repeated mistakes the predecessors might have passed through. Belief me, there are still many reliable business men and women that can add value to our business life carrier, if care is taken. Yes! They can make your idea, my idea, our idea happen, if at all we don’t know how we’re going to finish. God bless all.

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