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Facebook arrived and amongst various new things, was: LIKE button. People often quote beautiful one liners but are not able to monetise them. Do the two statements sound disconnected? Yet, two IIT Delhi students, Apoorv Jain and Harsh Snehanshu, sensed opportunity. In 2010 the duo started for ordinary people for archiving original one-liners, promoting them, getting awarded and being recognised. Their tagline that one need not be Shakespeare to get quoted very genuinely explains the aspiration behind the innovation. TWS is registered as Witcraft Marketing Pvt. Ltd., based in Delhi and currently has more than 23000+ people connected to the platform. TWS is an exquisite networking and crowdsourcing platform for creative people.

It started with a simple blog and Facebook page where people could put down their original thoughts, and is on the way to transform into a more complex corporate entity. It now aims to outsource taglines for various companies by the users. The co founders convincingly believe that if successful, this is going to disrupt the advertisement agencies. What could be more fun than asking the consumers themselves what tagline best suits the product. TWS has had many clients ranging from a dating agency, movies to manufacturing companies. Another advantage the company gains over other websites is that they cater to the masses whereas others have a limited database. They fondly assert that they will continue to grow as long as original creativity exists. The fact that they had 23,000+ people liking the Facebook page without any apparent publicity only makes their case stronger.

Future prospects: Currently the blockbuster company is gearing up for international platform. They are also working on various Facebook applications and even developing applications on multiple mobile platforms. Their ultimate goal is to become one stop shop for creativity and imagination. They say it in simple, subtle and concise manner: If you are creative, we will make you famous!

On being asked about one advice they would like to give to young entrepreneurs, they honestly express that nothing is impossible and we could not agree more!

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