Mulodo Vietnam launches C2C Marketplace App for Smartphone


Mulodo Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam / General Director: Atsushi Shimoura), an offshore lab-style development service company, has launched “ChoLon++” to the Vietnamese domestic market; a flea-market style Android app for interpersonal transaction.

The app is available on

Google Play for free download from today:

The iOS version of this app is scheduled for release in a few weeks.

What is ChoLon++?

With “ChoLon++”, you can easily put an item up for sale, and buyers can freely access and browse those items. It takes only a minute to put your item on sale; and with this app, to sell and to make interpersonal deals are simple, convenient, and easy.

Why the App was Developed

Interpersonal commerce is very popular in Vietnam, and also, second-hand market is very large, selling from smartphones to motorcycles. On one hand, there are many C to C commerce websites and yet, there were not many commerce sites for smartphones. Mulodo Vietnam Co., Ltd.

noted the compatibility of the Vietnam second-hand market and the convenience of a smartphone app that allows easy access to selling and buying items which led to the development of “ChoLon++”.

Key Features of ChoLon++


– Feature #1: Only a minute to put your item on sale!

Take a photo of what you want to sell, write a description for the item, and voila! Your item is easily in the marketplace.

– Feature #2: Payments are settled directly and interpersonally ChoLon++ does not have a specific payment system. This is because online payment system (e.g. using credit cards) is still under development in Vietnam. Any negotiations regarding the price and the method of payment are done directly in between the seller and the buyer (when wished for).

– Feature #3: See the popularity of the item through “Like”, “Follow” and “Deal” functions For any items up for sale, you are able to see how popular and how noted they are through “Like” and “Follow” functions. And the “Deal” function easily shows how many persons are actually interested in making the deal. So through “Deal”, people are able to see how many are actually interested in buying the product; a function which encourages both sellers and buyers to use the app. Interested buyers can click the “Deal” button to see the contact information of the seller, which leads to direct communication.

– Feature #4: Appealing your “sale” and “wanted” through “Forum” function “Forum” function allows you to post a topic freely. On the posts, you can paste the link to your item, so you can use it to appeal your item or to make other comments.

– Feature #5With “ChoLon++”, you can categorize your items. There are 147 categories that allow you to sort your items easily. Some of the specific categories will bring new possibilities to interpersonal commerce.

“For Foreigners in Vietnam” Category: This targets many foreigners that live in Vietnam (being that Vietnam is a very popular investment destination). This category is for foreigners to bargain among themselves, or post what you want to sell to foreigners. 

“Skills” Category: Using this category, you can sell or buy a “personal skill”. For example, a regional guide or designers and other professionals would be a target for this category.

Regarding the Name

“ChoLon++” was named after “ChI LJn”, the Chinese-influenced district in Ho Chi Minh City also known as the location for the film “The Lover (L’Amant)”. ChI LJn means “big market” in Vietnamese, and indeed is a lively commercial district having a large central market called Binh Tay Market. In developing a C to C commerce app, we wanted this market to grow to become as large as ChI LJn, thus giving it the name “ChoLon++”.

Our Future Plans and Development

With Mulodo Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) as the core, along with Mulodo Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) and Mulodo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand), Mulodo group comprehensively develops business in Southeast Asia. Using the group strength, Mulodo is expanding business in Thailand, following its success in Vietnam. Beginning with this app, Mulodo will continue to develop various smartphone apps in many countries.

*The iOS version of this app is scheduled for release in a few weeks.


About Mulodo Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Mulodo Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a system development company that provides offshore lab style development mainly to large web service providers. We have client companies in Japan, United States, Thailand, and India; with more than 70 employees as of February 2014, growing to exceed 100 within this year. Adding onto the offshore lab style development service, Mulodo Vietnam will begin original services such as “ChoLon++”, first in Southeast Asia and moving forward to promoting various services around the world.

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