It’s not really such a great thing to be an entrepreneur. There is no real freedom in it. People think starting your own business gives you freedom, working realistically for 1-2 hours a day and you can leave your work at your office, and then you have freedom.

Entrepreneurship, it simply seems to be slavery. You are slave to employees, investors, clients, reporters and random people of the street who try to come in to your office and rob you. A person who operates and organizes a business and taking a financial risk to do so makes a real entrepreneur. An individual who runs a small business and assumes the risk, venture, ideas, reward which are offered for sale.

An entrepreneur can be commonly seen as a business leader, this makes to say that an entrepreneur is a realistic person who does anything for his or others businesses.

An entrepreneur can do form a noble career by creating jobs, by advancing science .Creating a family absolutely qualifies us to be a “social entrepreneur”. If we own a business which adheres to at least one of these values:

è  It creates jobs

è  It adds value by selling goods and products

è  It creates more wealth

According to billionaire RICHARD BRANSON,

“When making a start in business with student magazine, I didn’t even know what an entrepreneur was. All that interested me was starting a publication to protest against Vietnam War and having some fun along the way, if that meant becoming an entrepreneur, then that was fine too”.


An entrepreneur making a team exists with lots of benefits. A team can make profits for their business by making themselves as entrepreneurs .The most impressive line makes to be an entrepreneur is : “WORK AS A TEAM,BETTER TO DO AS ONE”.

An entrepreneur makes lots of things possible for his or others businesses, the special qualities were hidden inside every person; those who exhibit their unique qualities to form their business successful can be called as an entrepreneur. SIR TED BURNER expressed many qualities of an entrepreneur which makes a lot of people to change their minds. While comparing present and past generation, there’s a lots of change took over place. Entrepreneur ship comes out through a noble minded with a different strategy.

Many leading companies are existing with lots of Entrepreneurs; those entrepreneurs are ready to lead over many countries. An entrepreneur makes his own or others businesses can form a path to a lead victory. According to SIR TED BURNER, the quote refers as it exists with a meaning, here the representation of his son as an entrepreneur who was in a leading path, and when we don’t have a job, we should lead the path to be an entrepreneur. Thus making a right choice at right time was the best quality to be present over every entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur can be successful by being a dreamer “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. A dream can make a lot of change throughout our life, where we present our unique qualities which were impressive can lead to be a successful entrepreneur. As usual working as a team may give beneficiary profits and everyone in the team can be as successful entrepreneurs.

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