My son is now an ‘entrepreneur’


“My son is now an ‘entrepreneur’. That’s what you are called when you don’t have a job”. Ted Turner

Never know that life could be at two-polar extremes until I had come in contact with “Mr Unemployment” also known as “Mr No Job”. I had put so much into my studies for the past few years so I could join the pursuit of climbing the  corporate ladder. Don’t even ask me how long because that is a story for another day especially in this part of the world where the love of parents to their children is solely dependent on the number of A’s they could accumulate and also, the criterium for being a candidate for the corporate ladder is also dependent on the various sizes and color of certificates. Even the classroom only prepare us for an ideal world instead of a real world that awaits us.

As I was saying, I succeeded in walking down the narrow path that leads to the foot of the ladder where I met this man in uniform with a face that says “Smiling is an abomination in this territory”. I had a glimpse of what was happening on the ladder, it was as a random movement of the butterfly that makes me wonder if they all have a destination. One strange thing about these set of persons is that they are the perfect definition of economics law of diminishing returns, the more money they make, the less asset they acquire. At this point, I decided to call my father since “Mr Unemployment” will not even say a word to me. I ran to a phone boot, did I hear you say my phone! I had none. Luckily I still had a naira note buried somewhere in one of my pockets. Thank God! Atleast I can pay for some minutes of call and talk to the one man who has been the vehicle that took me through the path that led to the ladder. He picked my call and I narrated my ordeal. The only thing my father said was “My son is now an entrepreneur”. That’s what you are called when you don’t have a job.

My feet were cold, my knees turned jelly, if not for the boot that I leaned on. For me, I taught Christmas had just come a day earlier than normal. I was not prepared for what I just heard. I was shocked but the message was clear. The only option is to be an entrepreneur, isn’t that the view in my society? An entrepreneur is a man that has been abandoned to fate and the very notion of ‘entrepreneur’ dread those around him but he can only be successful if he weathers the storm afterall, the start-up years of an entrepreneur are usually the most  trying years of the business. He then becomes the like of Micheal Adenuga, Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates and the others.

As I stood where I was, the very words of my lecturer who took me on a course in entrepreneur rush through my mind. I can still remember his words on our first class “Despite the fact that we are richly endowed with abundant human and natural resources, we remain among the poorest countries of the world. We have refuse to see the secret of developed nations, ‘entrepreneur’. Economic development is not fostered by few large scale industries but by numerous entrepreneurial ventures which has the capacity to provide employment and growth. An entrepreneur is a term applied to the type of personality who is willing to take upon herself/ himself a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility of the outcome. He combines efficiently the few factors of production, land, labor, capital, enterprise (intelligence, knowledge and creativity)”.

My understanding then was limited to acquiring land and huge sum of capital to start up but his explanation on enterprise as intelligence, knowledge and creativity sparked up a fire in me that I could do something. If I would get a job and be paid a million naira monthly, it only means one thing, that I worth more than that after all no man will pay you that much if they are not getting the double of that from your services. Besides, I want to experience the joy of being independent, even if I can’t control all the money in the world but I want to be in control of what is mine. It was at this point in my life that I saw the request to write an article that befits my current state. I never knew that it doesn’t even cost much to be an entrepreneur, you just need to be you, turn your hobby into something lucrative and ride on the wings of creativity.

I know you want to know the outcome of what I decided to do with my pen but how can I when the contest is still on. Though I can share with you the dream I had last night. I saw myself in the middle of nowhere screaming I made it! I made it! I made it! The joy and fulfillment was more than getting a job with an international base organization. I could feel the satisfaction in realizing that each day I go back to my bed, I had ease someone’s pain and stress just like you, my reader who has been so lost in this world I have brought you into, forgetting that you have not even had lunch.

In my dream, I saw myself back to the ladder I earlier described and guess who I saw again? “Mr Unemployment” of course! But surprisingly, he beams at me. Never experienced a situation where smile shocks you like electricity but this one did, and before I could say anything, he said “you don’t need to beg to climb this ladder anymore for you are now the owner of the ladder and everyone up there now works for you”. Ever since you decided to pick your pen, more persons have been allowed to climb this ladder. How interesting that sounds to me! Not just that I do not need to beg to climb but also that, I now own the ladder and through me, many have been given access to climb the ladder.

The thought that I cannot send this my write-up in the dreamland woke me up but sincerely I  must confess to you, the reality is that I  don’t even want to get a job if that is what it takes to be called ‘me’ (an entrepreneur).

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