My son is now an ‘entrepreneur’


Today, there is so much noise and misunderstanding about whom and what makes an entrepreneur. To some, it can be anybody ranging from artisan, students, business operators, etc while others see an entrepreneur as any one that has been rejected in the labor market that is anyone without a white collar job


When the word, entrepreneur is mentioned, people often build myths around it. According to Kuratko and Hodgetts, some of these myths include

  1. A doer, not a thinker
  2. Born, not made
  3. An academic and social misfit
  4. An inventor


Who is an entrepreneur­?

Adams Smith in his book, Wealth of Nations 1776, gave a compelling definition of who an entrepreneur is. He aptly describes an entrepreneur as an individual who undertakes the formation of an organization for commercial purpose. He reacts to economic change, thereby becoming the agent of economic change who transforms demand into supply.


Also, Jean Baptiste Say in his book, ‘A TREATISE ON POLITICAL ECONOMY’, avers that the entrepreneur is one who possesses certain arts and skills of creating new economic enterprises, yet has an exceptional insight into society’s needs and fulfilling them. The Encyclopedia of Small Business puts the entrepreneur as one who undertakes to do something even as the word is an anglicized French word.


Being an entrepreneur has to do with the foresight for identification of opportunities when they come and a passion for fulfilling that purpose. It would be noted that the entrepreneur  is a never say ever man who embarks on formation of ideas, adding value  to them and taking calculated risks to see these ideas transformed into concrete plans and success.


The Entrepreneurial mindset


Senora Roy was once quoted as saying; widening our perspective on a situation can reduce the possibility of misunderstanding. In getting to know who an entrepreneur is, there is need to understand or rather have a deep rooted understanding of the remote that controls the mind of an entrepreneur.


Joseph Schumpeter, noted that for the entrepreneur, the capabilities of innovating, initiating, introducing new technologies, increasing efficiency and productivity or services, are characteristic qualities of an entrepreneurs.


The entrepreneur is motivated, not by lack of job but a desire to fill a societal vacuum. Nwoye 2011, calls some positive drive of the entrepreneur ‘pull effect’. The entrepreneur is bent on exploiting opportunities which he sees as essential to becoming independent.


Furthermore, to succeed as an entrepreneur, unlike other business, operators, risk taking, albeit calculated risk, is very pivotal. The entrepreneur sees the opportunities around, and plans towards them by taking risks. He works on the principle of­, ‘cast your bread upon the waters for after many days you will find it again’ as contained in the Holy Bible.


Deacon Eghobamien, the owner of Plymouth Bakery, in Benin City, Edo state Nigeria, began his entrepreneurial drive with the ’40 pounds bread’ philosophy. Then, he would wake up early; around 3 am and pedal his bicycle to the nooks and crannies of the ancient kingdom. He knew that people will take tea before going to work and saw himself as being capable of filling such void. He took the risk of waking so early and moving out before sunlight despite the dangers on the road.  Today, his Plymouth Bread is on of the best and biggest in the state. This is a typical example of the entrepreneurial mind; seeing opportunities and taking worthy risks to fulfill it.


Kurakto and Hodgetts 2011, said that contrary to believe, entrepreneurs are not acedmic or social misfit. Most people have erroneously believed that anybody who calls himself an entrepreneur, are just those who cannot get a job. But that is not what an entrepreneur is. They are just people who want to add value to their society, create employment, have an internal locus of control, and believe that education is an added impetus to the entrepreneurial mind rather then the contrary.


Examples abound of renowned entrepreneurs who in addition to their entrepreneurial skills, and education. Ted Turner is one of such people.


Similarly, succeeding as an entrepreneur demands a lot of planning; long term and short term, inclusive. An entrepreneur could be likened to a goldsmith who passes through a lot to purify the gold and other precious materials. If an individual does not have the ability to plan ahead, he cannot make a good entrepreneur; certainly not someone without a job who is only bent on satisfying his ‘tommy’ at the moment.


In setting up any entrepreneurial business, the various stages that must be passed before the business is launched, like identification of opportunities, selection of opportunities, planning, sourcing of resources, selecting of legal framework and launching, might not give someone who just wants ends to meet the patience to go through.



Although anyone and anybody can be called an entrepreneur due to society’s jaundiced view on whom and what makes an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur is never one without a job but one who sees opportunities and plans with calculated risks, to fill such void and help the society. He is an economic agent who plans with a foresight of what is going to happen in the future and as such sees education as pivotal to the actualization of that vision; he is no social misfit nor a jobless individual.



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