My son is now an ‘entrepreneur’. That’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job


“My son is now an ‘entrepreneur’. That’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job” – Ted Turner, broadcasting entrepreneur

Life is much more than our desire and anticipation.

As soon as you got freshen up early in the morning this question of “What are you going to do now after?” certainly would make its way into your mind and take away some part of your optimism towards the days to come.

It was quite a tough decision to make when you have the desire of making your own platform and on the other hand you were being roped for the magic figures.

Both the ways had their own merits but what that stands long is the one that is unique to you. The early days when you come to know that you are not going to work for some others and if you had to then it’s no other way than to make your own path are those that bring some pride tears featuring your future.

It’s so easy that you find a corner in a room with well-furnished objects and machines. But to be able in a way to operate those environments is a big thing. The days you solely complete all your work and still feel as if the day is completed with no hour counted to your life are sometimes numerous.

Being placed in an organization at the end of the degree is a dream until we get placed. That’s what most of the parents expect from their grown kids. And if they don’t get placed then sometimes it’s a matter of prestige more than the next thing of the kid.

As having your own making of income is somewhat doubtable at the start of every idea, most of the guys of course with pressure from all the corners do not want to take the risk that might make things happen as they might not as well. Most of them are indeed happy to say that they are in search of a job than of saying that they have been unable to make their own idea into vision. Even the society accepts such kind of statements as awkward most of the times. Rather than being questioned for all their kids hard work in research of their vision most parents feel comfortable being questioned for their hunt for a job.

The day when the kid comes to his parents and say that he is not going to make his path to any existing organization and feels life in having his own the parent if had his foot in his kids shoe then certainly he introduces his kid as an entrepreneur to the society rather than an employee at some organization. That’s the day when a kid has all his confidence have a boost and make his way into the world with a new way of exploring.

Rather than having a 9 to 5 daily routine though might be some time long but gives an entrepreneur a satisfaction of life being lived when he has his first step of his dream come true.

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