My son is now an entrepreneur


‘My son is now an entrepreneur’. That’s what you’re called when you don’t  have a job.- Ted Turner, broadcasting entrepreneur.


This topic actually tells my story. My fiancée- whom l was engaged with, abandoned me when l resigned from my job to start up my own business. She actually called me an ‘entrepreneur’ and asked how long she would have to wait for the business to mature ‘5years’, ‘10years’, ‘14years’.  Finally, she admonished me ‘go and get a job!’,  she yelled and walked me out of her home. I actually have to sneak out of her home like a cat that day, in other not to be bundled away by her neighbors.

Not even a hearing was giving to me of my plans to start –up chains of businesses.  Generally, the viscous circle of life and poverty, almost sang like a daily devotional goes thus;-‘go get an education, get a job, get married, rear kids, buy a car and a home, die and be buried-that’s all”.  But one fact remains, men come and go, but, entrepreneurs live forever.

The Problem in Perspective

My question goes thus; ‘without the pioneering and enterprising works of entrepreneurs  of yesterday where would our jobs come from?’ Your guess is as good as mine.  Even the jobs are now fast disappearing because of technology and most economies of our time are depressed. In fact, our world  of today is designed only for entrepreneur because of the breath taking advances in science and technology. Computers and software have taking over jobs of clerks and line-men/ supervisors in our vast industrial complexes, leaving out thousands jobless.

However, this new breed of technologies   has created a yawning gap of opportunities more than ever before, that needs to be filled. In fact, it is possible in our world of today  for everyone to become a millionaire, given the vast openings.

But the unfortunate fact that many people fail to understand is that these openings are only for entrepreneurs. Examples suffice here. First, education is becoming specialized and a new breed of teachers to meet specific needs of students is highly sought after to close the gaps in the ever  expanding  fields  of learning. Computers need maintenance, software experts, and entrepreneurs tailored to meet specific requirements. We are looking forward to flying cars, the society is going cashless.  We have moved from the stone age , through the industrial age and are currently in the conceptualization (entrepreneurial) age. It is an era of “Think and Grow Rich” if l may quote Napoleon Hill’s book.

Jobs in our world today are very unstable, unlikely to get, and highly elusive. I want to say here that in one or two generations to come, jobs may become History.

What are we to do now?

We are called to be entrepreneurs, right from birth. Every human being has talents that are specific to each one. In fact the over 6 billion persons living in our world today have different  finger prints and iris marks. No two persons are the same. We complement each other by what we give out to the world. Too few jobs indicate too few entrepreneurs- who are willing to sacrifice their time, talents and efforts to create new vistas of opportunities for their fellow men and women to succeed.

Let us imagine a two case scenarios. First a world without   pioneers or entrepreneurs. That world would have become extinct as a result of the madness of doing the same thing over and over again, increasing population and fighting for survival with the few available jobs. This is where our present world is heading to. Another case is a world filled with entrepreneurs. To me, that would be the utopian world we crave for ; a world filled with jobs is a world filled with love, joy, peace, respect- such that working for someone is an honour to the employer, not a privilege given to the employee. When every man is productively engaged,  crime would become useless and extinct.

In Summary

Ever since creation, entrepreneurial strides have all held the key to the survival of man in all facets, all through the ages. Men who think and solve the problems of humanity are rewarded all through their life times, down to generations to come. Men who search for jobs, give birth to children who grow up to search for jobs, and when the jobs are no longer  there, the circle of poverty and destitution continues.

Entrepreneurs earn in a day what job seekers earn in their life time. In this our technological  age, no man has an excuse to continue to work for life in an organization. Our destiny is in our hands. The road may be rough and tough for an entrepreneur, but tough times don’t last, only tough people do. At the end of the tunnel there lies the silver lining,  those who laugh last, laugh best- and they are the entrepreneurs!

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