News That Matters Not – Inspiring Change through Satire


News That Matters Not – Inspiring Change through Satire


News That Matters Not, popularly referred to as NTMN, is a news satire website which writes on media, politics, life and society. The main aim of the start-up is to bring about change through humor, in the form of news reports, cartoons and caricatures, videos etc. These are mostly satirical, and are often tied closely to real news events across the country, things that affect people on a daily basis, and policies that govern their future. What started out as a blog on November 2009, is currently the #2 website in India in its field.

The inception of the current website and team structure was done in early 2011, when inspired by the phenomenal response to their work, the founders decided to go the start-up way. Tanay Sukumar, a Civil Engineering student from Delhi Technological University (DTU) New Delhi, who is currently the Chief Editor for NTMN and the joint Chief of Operations along with Sugandha, another student from Delhi Technological University studying Software Engineering, are the founding members. They have been ably supported by Bijender Sheoran, an alumni of IIT-Kanpur currently employed with Philips. These people are dedicated bloggers and writers who believe in the power of the written word. The team has since then expanded to include various other writers and cartoonists, as well as a dedicated web development section to help design and structure the content better.

Running parallel to mainstream journalism and making the youth aware of the world around them by basing articles on real life events and current affairs, while also nurturing the leaders of tomorrow through well informed and unbiased opinion is what NTMN does best. The founders believe it is essential to create awareness among the citizens about what can be avoided, what needs to be set right, what is going wrong, and what shortcomings we possess. People may be worried about these, but not many have the zeal, time, opportunity and platform to come out against them enthusiastically. NTMN is seen as that medium for readers, writers, intellectuals and most importantly, the common man.

NTMN was initially conceived of as a low scale social for-profit start-up. The initial investments were modest, with the major amount being spent on website design, domain and hosting etc. Much of the work was done by the founders themselves, who took time out of their work or academic schedule to fuel their idea to fruition. Content creation and development is a passion for them, and they wanted NTMN to be a platform to put their talents to good use. News satire is an emerging trend in online social media in India, and it has caught on quickly among the youth of the country because of its power to bring to light the discrepancies of a developing society while being easy-to-read, and with a non-preachy attitude. The essence lies in being able to point out the obvious through satire, which makes people laugh. The target market audience is between the age group of 17-30, which comprises of the majority of internet users in India, although it has found acceptance among the older age groups as well. With growing market penetration and an avid reader base craving for more, NTMN has set its sights on ambitious targets, which they are currently very well set to achieve.

Currently a web based initiative; NTMN is set to expand very soon into other forms of media. The main objective for NTMN now is to render popular articles to the mainstream print media on a regular basis. The short term goal is to tie up with a reputed national daily and write a weekly satire supplement for them. Doing this will enable them to harness the distribution chain and reader base of the daily. They are also looking at options to publish a monthly magazine for people who don’t use the internet or don’t prefer reading online. The magazine will comprise of a compilation of all the popular articles, quotes and the best from other features of the month. An online version of the print magazine would also be provided at a lower price for net savvy people. The long term plan is to have a full fledged newspaper and also create video content for the internet through a YouTube channel of NTMN.

NTMN has come far on its journey as a well loved and respected news satire web site. IndiBlogger and BlogAdda, premier bloggers’ communities in India, recognize NTMN as a leading news satire website. While IndiBlogger ranks it #2 in the genre, BlogAdda features NTMN on its homepage. NTMN was recently a winner in the 8th annual Manthan South Asia Awards in the category of E-news and Media for excellence in E-content.

In India, people have the tendency to gossip and criticize things, sitting in their bedrooms. Almost everybody does it, and more often than not, their point of view and opinion are based on their very small circle of interaction and hence tend to be biased and one-sided. Not to mention, such bashing ends up doing nothing good and just fuels their anger against the system. NTMN plans to direct all those discussions to the internet and provide a platform for influencing positive change in its characteristic humorous fashion.


Saswata Shankar De
Vellore Institute of Technology, 2012
About Saswata: Saswata is the co-founder of ngoFuel, a person who identifies himself with the ideal of betterment of society through technology empowerment. An Electrical Engineer by trade, he is passionate about new ideas and the start-ups they inspire. Apart from ngoFuel, he is closely working with start-ups like News That Matters Not, Source Next and V Shine. He was also selected as an NSEF ‘Author of Change’ 2011, which brought together a group of talented youngsters from all over the country with a view at promoting entrepreneurial excellence in the social sector. He is always eager to help and mentor fresh initiatives in the start-up scenario.


  1. saswata says:

    Thanx guys! Hope you will spread the word…

  2. Vishwas Vats says:

    1.Undoubtedly the best satire website . The writers of NTMN are truly champion in the craft of writing .Being a voracious reader and creative person I can say it with utmost pleasure and authority that no other satire website is even close to this one . I am hopeful that NTMN will reach great heights in near future .

  3. Vishwas Vats says:

    I am an ardent admirer of this satire website . I have read many articles posted by NTMN and just love this site .The way all the writers of NTMN writes the time is not too far when this site reaches great heights .Being a voracious writer and creative person I can say this with utmost pleasure that no other satire website is even close to this one.

  4. Ankit Rana says:

    NTMN truly stands out way ahead thzn others into sarcasm and satire.
    Every word up there, true story.
    I’d simply wish good luck to NTMN for all the future endeavours indulged in ! 🙂

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