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Purchasing books is a nightmare for college students. it becomes even worse when we have to study for one week (at max) but have to pay a lot. Purchasing books and again selling them is a tenet of every student life, but this integral part has been made difficult by monopolistic market of book reseller. Who just want to loot you, for them you always look like currency notes.

Two college students took this as a opportunity rather than problem and started their own venture “NoteMyBook”, where you can buy or sell your books without any hassle. If you are a student based out of Mumbai then it is really an awesome news for you.

We got an opportunity to have a small talk with Divyansh Saxena who Co-founded NoteMyBook with Vikramank. Let see, how he started and reached to the current milestone.

Techaloo: What was your vision/mission while starting notemybook?
Our vision is to provide education to 0.3 billion students of India at almost no cost. Education has become too expensive for even a middle class family. Not only the college fees but also the cost of books is beyond reach for some students. We started notemybook with the sole reason to provide books at low price and give access to all the students.

Techaloo: How did this idea come to your mind?
My alumnus (2010 batch), Dhairya Pujara who is running his own company in US right now, worked on a similar idea during his college days. I was introduced to him in an alumni meet this year in January where we discussed about his venture. After one week, I and my classmate decided to start working on something like that with a better concept which was sustainable. And in one month, our venture notemybook was ready and live.

Techaloo: Have you got any kind of funding?
My college (Vivekanad Education Society’s Institute of Technology) Principal is an inspiration and support for us. Because of her support we could get initial seed fund from my college.


Techaloo: What is your pricing model?
Using notemybook, you can buy as well as sell your books. While buying second hand books, you get 40% discount which is by far the maximum you can get in Mumbai city. When you want to sell your new    book, you get 60% on MRP back. On every transaction of a book, we earn a service charge of Rs 10.

Techaloo: How many colleges have you covered till date?
We are live in 10 engineering colleges of Mumbai.

Techaloo: Why should a student choose your services while there are so many offline bookstores who sell 2nd hand books?
notemybook_infographicThere are multiple reasons for this-

1. We provide books at your doorstep.

2. We collect books from your doorstep.

3. No availability issue.

4. All second hand books on our website are repaired before any buyer gets it. There is no quality issue.

5. Cheaper and Faster.


Techaloo: Do you provide first hand books as well?
Yes, we do provide first hand books but it is ran offline with 15% discount which again is the maximum   discount you get in Mumbai city.

Techaloo: How are you different from your competitors?
Our pricing model and the rates show that we are focused more on customer satisfaction than on pure business.

Techaloo: How is the response till now?
We have launched in 10 colleges and captured a market of more than 5000 students in 3 months.

Techaloo: How does it work?
It is very simple. To Sell a book. Logon to notemybook. Select the book, set the price. As soon as a buyer buys that book, we will collect the book from seller and deliver it to buyer.

To Buy a book. Logon to notemybook. Select the book. Get it delivered in 3 days.

Techaloo: How does it feel to be a “Student Entrepreneur”?
It is a life changing experience. You learn something or the other every second and that feeling where you realize that you are creating an impact. In totality being a student entrepreneur is amazing.


Techaloo: How do you manage your studies and startup together?
Not mixing them is the only solution. When in class, pay attention and revise that before exams. And devote rest of the time to your startup. It has worked for me till now.

Techaloo: What was the response from your family while starting?
My family has given me a lot of support right from the beginning. Without his support notemybook could not have been possible. My elder brother was a great source of guidance for us, being a student-entrepreneur himself he was able to show us the correct path.

Techaloo: Do you want to share any experience good or bad with us?
There was this incident where I went to a bookstore to buy and the bookseller somehow recognized me as the notemybook cofounder and said ‘Humara dhanda band mat karo please’.

Techaloo: What are your plans for future?
In next 6 months, we are planning to cover all engineering colleges across Mumbai. Then, we will expand to Pune and other major cities in Maharashtra. Simultaneously, we are planning to launch our international platforms in Philippines and Germany.

Techaloo: Share some info about founders.

We are 2 co­founders (Vikramank Singh and myself) pursuing Computer Engineering from Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology (Currently in 3rd Year). Also, together we established Entrepreneurship Cell in our college with our Alumni who are established corporate leaders.

Techaloo: What message do you want to give to an aspiring entrepreneur?
Don’t think before starting. Just Do it.

Techaloo: What do you think about
There is no second thought that it is India’s best platform for entrepreneurs. Great going.

Mohit Bansal(23) is B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. He has interest in business and entrepreneurship and has published couple of research articles. He is also associated with various NGOs. He is with Techaloo when it was just in concept stage. The Techaloo site was not existing even then. Currently Mohit is working with Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst Profile.

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