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PasskaradoThis generation it is all about sharing Knowledge; Pass Karado( started by Manu Jain works on same belief. Pass Karado is an open forum to share academic material. Anyone can come and upload and download his/her academic material. The website primarily focuses on reducing information asymmetry and commercialization prevalent in Indian Education System especially in Universities, Colleges and Examinations.  Pass Karado also covers Company Reviews, Internship Reviews and highlights upcoming conferences in India.

So let’s see when and how their entrepreneurship journey started:
Manu : It was the exam time (end term exam) and we were in 7th sem of our engineering.  We had prepared thoroughly for our upcoming exam. The next day we went to give the exam but strangely we were unable to answer a single question. After the exam we found out that the paper was almost the same as of the last year paper. Students who were having previous year question paper were able to attempt the whole paper. The students with technical knowledge were in vain. Just because few students were having paper, just because there was information asymmetry, they will score good marks. That day we decided that from the next time in MNIT, no such case will happen. From the next time in MNIT, there has to be no information asymmetry. From the next time in MNIT, you will be judged by your technical knowledge. If in future papers get repeated then everyone will be able to attempt and if the paper doesn’t get repeated then you will be judged by your technical knowledge. And that day Pass Karado was born and according to calendar it was 18th Nov’11       .


Is PassKarado anyway funded ? If yes , who are your angel inverstors ?

Manu : The best part of Pass Karado is that it is a student driven community so no funding is require in running it.


Do you target a group of customers?

Manu : Our community is dedicated to college students and is trying hard to help them in their college life.

Usually , every startup faces hiccups in the initial stages , did you face any ?

Manu : The biggest challenge I can think of is while uploading academic material of a university. There are many copyright issues involved with academic material. And if you are uploading any class notes of a student then they must pass the correct information. Any single wrong information can lead to degradation of our brand .So all the material of each branch and of all universities that we have covered had gone through the rigorous checks.


The second biggest challenge we are facing is that our concept is not easily accepted by our esteemed Indian Professors. They think that we provide some sort of shortcut to pass in the exam and trust me that is not a case. Providing any shortcut to pass in the exam is like playing with student’s life and we cannot do things which ruin our student community future.


What are the moments you would cherish with regard to PassKarado ?

  • Within a span of 3 months, Pass Karado had more than 2500 registered users with an average 2000 page visits per day.
  • Over 2000 question papers of MNIT and RTU have been shared on their website
  • We have gained media attention from Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika, Khabar Bharti and TOI.
  • Pass Karado was highlighted as an innovative and buzzing startup in the Newsletter by Entrepreneurship Development Cell, MNIT Jaipur

Your vision for the future ?

Manu : Pass Karado’s future effort would be  to further build on our tag line of “Sharing Knowledge”. We plan to have a central library where engineering students will be able to find seminar and training/internship reports and presentations.

Our next short term target is to cover bring more universities under Pass Karado umbrella. We will also be focusing on Writer’s desk where any student can come and teach a topic to his fellow mates or juniors by writing an article or making a video/audio of it

Generally there is a perception that India does not have a good environment for start-up’s , do you agree??

Manu : No, not at all. State Govt. , Govt. Organizations, Organizations like TiE and NEN are creating hubs for entrepreneurs at different place around the India. Moreover entrepreneurs are guys who believes in talking to self. They don’t require any eco system to do their work. Their soul is always there with them to keep them motivated.

Who are there from the beginning of your company and how you recruit new team mates?

Manu : Pass Karado was started by 7 pass out students of MNIT.  We are Manu Jain (Myself), Pranay Agarwal, Devendra Sharma, Ayush Jain, Mukesh Kumar, Suprabhat Sen, Ankit Gupta. After few months, students from different colleges , who wanted to create a difference in the society joined us.


What will be your advice/suggestion for new entrepreneurs for starting new business?

We think we are not that much experienced to give advice to business owners. Still there are some common points to be remembered always like:


  • Don’t be disheartened if your idea is stolen by someone. The world can steal everything except for one thing and it is YOUR PASSION and that is the thing that will create the difference
  • Whether you are providing some service or product, customer satisfaction should be your priority. Just one disappointed customer can give wrong feedback to 100 other people, so always try to hear every one of them. Just think one thing: If I am the customer then why should I  use this service/product.


Since  you have already been to our site , do you have anything to say about us.

Manu : Techaloo is definitely the right place if you speak about start ups and entrepreneurship. I am associated with a college start up and I thank techaloo for featuring me on their website. Having a start up is one thing while making it popular and known to others is another thing. this has been provided to me by techaloo. Amazing work and brilliant site!!





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