Shoe charger innovator – Mr. Mandar Tulankar



1. Let us know the inspiration behind your innovation?

Angel’s R & D was basically started as a NGO whose preliminary objective was “Where Dreams Have Reality Wings ”. During my start up days what I observed was that a god father like banner is must for any naive individual with an out of box idea. The very reason that I stood independently without any banner I was pulled back in every possible way. To god’s grace I could with stand all the peer pressures and made my way to my destination.

One fine day I thought that just not being supported by any banner should not be the hurdle in the path way for new raw ideas to get solid shape, some body should become a support for them and then came up Angel’s R &D, as we wanted to be guardian Angel’s for these blooming buds so that their ideas blossom.  I then continued under the same banner for my company as well (Angel’s R & D Pvt Ltd) Its current size includes 200 members for the NGO part . It has 20 working professionals from various renowned companies from India on advisory board, who assist in the for profit section (company). There are 10 aspiring Engineers working for the designing of the concept. Five person from renowned management schools handle the management of this company.


2. Please explain briefly about your innovation?


This concept has been inspired from two practically implemented models one of which is battery testing results and other is a generator cycle that was implemented in our own school premises. The principle involves simple conversion from mechanical energy to electrical energy

The assembly of the mobile shoes charger is designed in such a way that it provides a natural acupressure to the feet.  It is a boon especially for the travelling or middle class strata of society, which is my target area of focus. Now without worrying of mobile discharging they would be able to enjoy music as well as continue their routine. This can be especially useful to the adventure travelers who while in the high mountain lobbies can have their cell phones charged all the time.

 The working and ground tested model of this concept in the form of mobile shoes charger is ready along with calculations of the amount of electricity that is consumed due to conventional charging on an average. We aim at giving the other alternatives as well that are cheaper and have vast commercial application. As the micro version of power generation from pressure is successfully accomplished now I am onto designing the macro version of it to scale it up to larger scale and make it stand as stand alone source of power.


3. What were the challenges you faced during this innovation? How did you overcome it?


Basically I believe that failure is the toll tax you pay on your highway to success. Yes there had been times when I took a things bit lightly and had some incurable losses. At times when I could not decide my priority I was pushed down badly, but stood up and made for every loss the moment I realised my mistake. The thing that I had learnt is “Woods are dark and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to sweep before I sleep

4. What was the cost involved?

The cost of the shoe shall increase hardly by 200 Rs but with that additional cost, you shall have a system that keeps your cell charged 24/7.


5. How effective is it?

We may not have sunlight every where, but where ever we have activities carried on we have pressure there. This is the basic requirement of my concept to be brought into working. We aim at giving the other alternatives that are cheaper and have vast  commercial application. These crystals can be placed in from shoes to staircases. The use in shoes would be similar to that of the glowing shoes of small kids that have led’s which glow when made in contact with the ground.

India has nearly 1,25,000 villages without power supply. It amounts to nearly 44 % of the country. This clearly indicates the urgency to scale up to make a stand alone power device. The working principle would be the same as being used now with only its implication on a larger scale.


6. The traction you have received so far?


We are right now in position to manufacture 1, 44,000 units annually. We already had talks with the local cobblers who are ready to manufacture the entire shoe for us along with the embedded circuit assembly at an affordable price, so that we can sell the entire unit manufactured under ANGEL’S R & D. We are also in talks with some of the leading shoe brands who are ready to take this product for pilot testing in their existing models.

There are currently 60,000 Dabbawalas present in Mumbai. A direct approach to the      union leader assure a one stake order of 60,000 with Rs 200 profit nearly per sample generates revenue off 1 Crore 20 lakhs.

As far as media focusing is concerned, fortunately we are in good terms with some of the   media spokes persons. They have agreed to cover the advertisement of the product under the news section so that we don’t have to pay for it, and we have reasonable reach to the audiences.

Friends and relatives have agreed to be brand ambassadors for the product again free of charge so that it goes again a mass reach without additional expenditure. Initially we took all the necessary measures to optimize the profit with minimum expenditure so that we can use the capital for scaling purpose at a faster rate.


7. How do you plan to take it ahead ?

India has total 800 million cellular subscribers (TRAI 2010). Lets say 50 % of them have 24-7 power supply to charge their cell phones. We still got a market of 400 million and increasing to cater with our product.  Breaking down the market we find that there are 60,000 dabbawalas existing currently in the Mumbai with whom, the talks are in the final phase and the company is sure enough to claim this order of 60000 shoes and is in position to manufacture it.

Another major segment is the music loving tech savvy youth of the country, which needs ear phones plugged in during most time of the day. The fact says that the smarter the phone weaker the battery life so this technology can be a life line to them.

This shall prove to be excellent companions for the trekkers and adventure loving people    who love spending quality time away from the concrete jungle but once a while need an update about the happenings even during the tour . The shoe charger shall benefit one and all equally.

This way not only mobiles but any types of batteries can be charged in with the amount of    required pressure delivered. The assembly can be demodulated on larger scale so as to make it a stand alone power supply device. It involves very simple construction, so can be easy for a common person’s pocket from cost point of view which was the main factor taken into consideration while designing.

My concept is capable of addressing grooving power shortage problems if not totally at least up to certain extent. The best part of working of my concept is, it generate no by products at all what so ever solid liquid or gas, hence it is 100% eco-friendly and contributes 0% to green house or global warming

During a symposium in VJTI- Mumbai /India, on Green technology, I came across the power supply scenario prevalent in India. These statistics reassured me that my concept is capable of answering this grooving problem.

Ø  78 million households (44%) in the country do not have access to electricity

Ø  1,25,000 villages are un-electrified

Ø  Electricity supply situation is generally poor in even electrified villages.

These figures made me work on more rigorously as it showed a mass uncovered area waiting to be explored.

Credentials received till date

  • Winner of Emprassario 2012 IIT Kharagpur ( Global Entrepreneurial summit)
  • Winner of TECH FEST IIT Bombay 2012  (Shoe charger concept)
  • Winner NMIMS Social Business plan 2011 – (Shoe charger concept)
  • Awarded as author of change for NSEF class 2011- for the concept of shoe charger
  • Awarded as young scientist by  Chatrapati Shivaji Foundation – Nagpur (Shoe Charger)
  • Founder Angel’s R & D Pvt Ltd.
  • (Hold a patent for Piezo Spring Motion Charger (Mobile Shoes charger)
  • Attended the INNOLAB 2011 – E-summit organized by Tata Institute of social science
  • Winner of  Unknown Innovators contest – One Billion Minds & IIT Kanpur




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    how to implement this.can u please help me..i need to try this in my project..

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    I am planning to make this. can i get some more info on the mechanism..

  3. viraj says:

    I am planning to make this …can i get some more info on the mechanism email id is

  4. Sai Chaitanya says:

    Greetings sir,
    I am a student from BVRIT college, Hyderabad. I along with my team are trying to design Piezo electrci shoes so advises from you, will be valuable to us.
    So, please let us know how to amplify the electricity sufficient enough to charge your battery.

    Thanking You,
    Yours sincerely,
    Chaitanya M

  5. gautam kumar says:

    would u assist me in making such a charger…i want to impliment it in my project…need it urgently..

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    could you please tell me the cost of the shoes as I am interested to buy it
    plz send me info in

  7. mirs says:

    do you have some instructions how to construct that mobile shoe charger? i really need your help. please

    thanks ! if you do have some info pls send me in my email.

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