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SmilingStart- StartPage with a Heart

SmilingStart is a web based platform which enables individuals to support charities and raise funds with minimal effort and zero cost. It empowers people to make their browser homepage space available to SmilingStart for advertising in the form of wallpapers. The advertisements are not the usual ones; they convey brand information in a unique and visually appealing manner. 75% of ad fees get’s donated towards selected charity.

SmilingStart is a venture of Thalia Technologies Private Limited. Its currently lead by Mr. Tejas Sangoi and his team. Its a profit driven organization with an intense social objective. The profit motive encourages efficiency and innovation and the social motive brings satisfaction of contributing to the society.

They donate 75% of the advertisement fee to charitable causes selected by their users and retain the remaining 25%. This revenue helps them to cover the expenses, spread awareness and grow meaningfully. Though higher than usual NGO 10% model but still trying to do business with a heart.

It was launched on 1st April 2013 with a Pilot Campaign. During the initial period of few months it will run advertisements free of cost. The donations will come from their private sponsors and the entire amount goes to the charities. They target to achieve 10,000 signups during this period.

SmilingStart has evolved a lot in just 3 months. It has come up with amazing startpages and the users will get a taste of beautiful sights, creative advertisements, and quotes that will inspire, amaze and motivate users to do good. How SmilingStart works is very simple. Sign up at, select a cause to support, and set SmilingStart as your StartPage.

SmilingStart ensures its users to get the best start to the day. It also ensures to spread smiles to hundreds of children through one click of their users.

They have handpicked three of the most credible charities across India. Each of these credible charities work on low overheads, report transparently and deliver on the ground level for the up-liftment of the needy children. It will add new charities after the pilot campaign. At present, 450+ people have already signed up enabling to raise funds of Rs. 17886 for the charities that SmilingStart have partnered with, and 1890 mid day meals for school children, 888 days of education for underprivileged girls and 1401 days of shelter for street kids have been facilitated, since launching last month.

SmilingStart is an honest effort to engage masses in a simple yet powerful way to create a positive change.


They believe that most people are willing to contribute time and resources towards a social cause. But most of them fail to do so. Probably, because of the fast paced lives. It simply becomes difficult to devote time and effort to find and support credible charities. They have devised a simple creation to get rid of this problem and are working on bringing the good out of people.

How It Works

  1. Signup and select a charity
  2. Set as your browser homepage
  3. Each day you receive a beautifully designed wallpaper which is sponsored by an advertiser
  4. They charge the advertisers for each user who sees the branded wallpaper
  5. 75% of this fee gets donated to the cause and they retain remaining 25%
  6. Users can log-in and check-out the exact impact of their contributions towards the cause

They are trying to harness the huge space available on the browser homepage and divert ad spends towards charitable causes. The homepage now has the power to help feed children, educate underprivileged girls and provide shelter for street kids.



  • A new way to give that costs nothing.
  • A beautifully simple way to feel good every-day.
  • Opportunity to do good by diverting advertising money to charitable cause.
  • Make use of the homepage, which was probably lying unutilized anyways.
  • Support charities which are credible and extremely transparent.
  • Be part of a larger movement that uplifts society.


  • Receive new funding
  • Activate new supporters
  • Raise awareness about their causes.


  • Standout in the clutter: Be the first and the only one to reach the customer every-time when he/her starts browsing
  • Be Memorable: Beautiful full screen wallpaper which the audience will never miss
  • Reiterate the ad multiple times in a day
  • Positive Image: Align your brand with the most trusted NGOs
  • Add-on to CSR and tax benefits

Visit us, signup and spread the word:

Social Network

The website has a presence on social media and slowly gaining momentum. You can visit to check out today’s wallpaper and start making a positive impact with a few simple clicks of your mouse.


(Note:Input received from Smilingstart’s Marketing Evangelist – Ms. Bahwana Sahu)

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