Start, work, conquer………….you are worth it


″Start, work, conquer………….you are worth it″

The words ″the secret of getting ahead is getting started″ is truly spoken .The quote is absolutely meaningful for an entrepreneur, the one who is a dreamer is not always the winner. Day dreaming is simply something that anyone else can do but the one who has the power to achieve and accomplish his goals is a true entrepreneur .One must never be lost in the world of fantasy, he must work hard to get off on the route of success. To pursue the dreams, one must be aware that he must work hard, harder on each day, every minute to fulfil his dreams. Admiring the success of the man beside is not a big deal; one must dream but should never be lost in his dreams.

Life always gives new opportunities and options for everyone, the thing which is needed the most is just the strong determination to understand the right path and stick to the ultimate goal. The path to success is not always a bed of roses we must move on keeping in mind the thorns and storms. Only when we move on we get to success. The repeated failures must never plunge you into the darkness of hopelessness instead you should light yourself with a new hope and must be ready to accept the failures and to learn from the mistakes. It must be kept in mind the one who had failures in his life is always the fittest.

The Entrepreneur is the key to the creation of the new enterprise that energises the economy and rejuvenates the established enterprises that make up the economic structure. They are the ones who initiate and sustain the process of the economic development and the prosperity of the society. The technical progress alone cannot lead the economic development, unless the technological breakthrough is put to the economic use by the entrepreneur. It is the entrepreneur who organises and puts to use capital, labour and technology for the welfare of the society. He must take the society to the true heights but this is possible only when they comes out from dreamers to doers .The secret of getting off with success is always to get yourself  started .One must start to act rather than sitting idle dreaming ideas. The ideas must always be in action not inaction. It’s quite simple for anybody to just dream of their success and feeling pleased with their ideas but when the dreams come true, it becomes the success of the one single moment that they decided to work on it. One needs to develop habits of flexibility of continuous learning and the acceptance of the failures to move on.


Great achievements often require long, tortuous, bitter experiences powerful experiences powerful enough to drive one to despair. But one must rise above the disappointment, neglect and sorrow and renew the pledge of devoted action. There is just no choice, we cannot wait for things to happen to us, we are the ones who must make them happen, and we cannot wait for the fortune to smile on us and bless us with a distinguished result or a rewarding job. Apart from the unique skills one needs to put unique efforts to prove him to be a great businessman. One must cultivate the noble qualities like firmness, willpower and courage to achieve all those that seems to be worthy.

Entrepreneurs are not necessarily a special breed and no one is born to be an entrepreneur. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, one must have the willingness to learn, to work hard persistently, and to exercise self discipline and last but not the least adopt and apply the right policies and practises. A perfect entrepreneur always requires right relationships, right rewards and right staffing systems. The novel and innovative ideas and efforts have to be adopted by the entrepreneur which takes the existing business out of its own field. One must not only adopt policies that create the entire organisation the desire to innovate but also prove to be successful in the long run. The world is indeed an open space where we have the options to divert us to any of the directions. But the care must be taken that these diversifications never shatter ones goal.

One must never keep limits and barriers for themselves. Sky must be the limit for a dreamer and space must be the horizon for a doer. Simply admiring the success will not do everything. It’s the self determination and hard work which proves to be worthy in the long run. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. To get on with the life one must be ready to ignore the failures and must be able to fill one’s mind with the confidence that the next day will rise with a new beginning in their lives. In order to get ahead and succeed in life one must always understand that the desire for the success must be always greater than the fear of failure.

The youth must have the courage to think differently and must be ready to travel the unexplored path and must have the courage to discover the impossible and conquer the problems and succeed. Envying the fruits of the success of others is a common human behaviour but in between we often neglect the risks and hardships those people may have gone through to achieve those flying colours. People often seek for the secret of success, but never show the willingness to understand what actually is needed to achieve these goals. For a person to be a successful entrepreneur, he must have the spirit to move ahead in spite of all those barriers and hardships. The reward for one’s self confidence and determination is the prestige and status in the society. The fruits of labour gives the sense of achievement and immense pleasure which completes the common man to be a successful entrepreneur .The stories of success of other people must inspire and motivate the entrepreneur to hold on to the dreams and move on with ideas for the development and betterment of his venture. One must always have a criteria and a system to assess and evaluate their performance. It is very critical that self assessment and the spirit should make oneself bold enough to grab the success so that we do not regret for those years that rolled out fruitlessly.

We must act and compel the fortune to smile on us .One must always keep in mind, don’t look at a thing; start it. Don’t put it off a day; start it. Don’t pretend you must think over; start it. Don’t start half-heartedly; put everything you can muster into start. Achieving success requires hard work, but the thing that one needs foremost is the self confidence and determination.

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