Why people get into startups:
Soon after graduation, many students have many plans like some want to get into a govt. job where one is paid with enough capital & extra allowances. Some like to get into money making job. Some go for higher studies. A very few work for NGO which is sometimes misunderstood as the last option for a jobless student. Some students from the core technical background settle down in any of the IT Company. Excluding all these students, out of the few left, a very few have the plans for startups. Some work with the passion for carving their own niche in the society.

Need for startups:
India has got a very great talent which is misused in one or the other form. A lot of skilled professionals compromise their knowledge for the compensation companies provide. As startups are risk involving and strenuous to work, people rather prefer relaxed & money making jobs. Though startups have their own advantages in the long run, people shrug them off.
It is similar to how some daily laborers think of education. Some of them ask

“What is the need for sending their children to the school? If his child works with him, he can earn some extra wage to run his family. But sending a child to a school requires investment over him & waiting for the returns after a long time”. Similarly to this they ask -When we have an MNC offering high package to work for, what is

the need for struggling for startup?
Several innovative ideas which have started their career as startups are now running in the path of MNCs & fortune 500 companies.
India has such a great population which if used in appropriate recipe can savor the taste of super power. Many people in India remain parasites. They depend on industries for perks and salary offers. They are forgetting the purpose of self. Let us not become too philosophical, every innovative idea comes from individual.
Growing population is leading us to the more unemployment. Students are grown by their parents with preoccupied minds to have a job and settle in life. They are not encouraged of their goals and aspirations.

Problem in budding stage:
There might be some problems in the budding stage of running. It is like stepping into a new house which is not at all furnished. You buy furniture of your liking; you arrange the furniture as per your wish to make your house look as beautiful it can be. For people going for startups, there are 2 big stumbling blocks. The first be heavy investment: searching for sources of investment, managing the money for different divisions. The second big obstacle is belief. One shouldn’t lose hope with the failures he faces. The more failures he face the more he can succeed.
A person who knows how to swim & has decided to step into water should not have the fear of getting drowned. Similarly, when a person has the innovative idea which he believes in, he shouldn’t fear for failure.

Why India? Why not Abroad?
I think one should worship, work, love, sacrifice for his mother India. It is mandatory for every one of us to take care of family (India). Now-a-days we are struggling with economic slowdown, inflation & many more problems. Leaving the problems to your brothers, you can’t run away from home for the sake of money. Having startups in India can help boost our economy, to raise new innovations from our country, to reduce unemployment. Many of the master minds are working for IT companies due to lack of support to grow & lack of awareness to start. These people must be provided enough encouragement to create boom in the startup world.

Where do startups lack in?
They are short of enough support from government. They don’t have enough financial support. They lack support from people as many of them feel getting into startups is like taking risk and strenuous job.
They ask – why to build your own house for shelter when there is place where you can give some money & have the shelter. Building your own house provides shelter not only to you but also to many. You can build your house as innovatively as you can. You are sole leader of your house. You need not depend on others. Giving money & having shelter is like working for a company where you sell all your ideas or you may not use your ideas which are left wasted.
What I say is enough encouragement is needed for people to dare step into startup culture without any fear. Students should not only dream for a job but should dream for the purpose of life.

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