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“You remake yourself as you grow and as the world changes.
Your identity doesn’t get found. It emerges.”

As I am a college student, I too want to know about student start-up and why not we all are planning to start and have our own earnings, our own business. We don’t want to work under the supervision or control of someone. Isn’t it? Yes, but the problem being a student we face is, how do we do it? From where to start? What must be the first step? How to cope up with the difficulties we face? How to achieve perfection? And all sorts of problem tension coming across… the given state of Indian economy is not good and is burdening or tightening day by day and we say that the market in India is down i.e. we are facing a great problem of recession, and the employment opportunity in India is getting worst with upcoming days and the graduates or the literate one’s are not getting employment or jobs. Today we come across the worst problem of unemployment.

Our country is the one of the fastest growing or developing countries of the world. Our economy is one of the strongest economies of world’ s but what we are lacking behind is the scope, opportunity, and most of the country’s population works for public or private firms and if we say that half of our Indian economy is based on the US markets then I won’t be wrong enough. Yes this is what we have to cope up with. I always wanted to start my own
business, but I kept postponing it because it was never good “timing.” I thought that I needed to learn more or make some extra money to put aside before I started. Now I realize that the “right time” never comes. This expression is more of a distraction to justify one‘s interest and lack of courage to start something. One’s willingness and strong desire to puts once thinking aside for recovering and restarting the idea of your dream to finally come true is must. If you strongly disagree with me, I can assure you that the right time can be invented with creativity and high thinking not by waiting for it.

Having a start-up is the trend and the coolest thing, then carrying out the fashion trend.
I am eagerly waiting for some mysterious things to happen, that sign, which can give me encouragement from an invisible force to reassure me that I am on the right track. The unexpected things happens for the first time and on the right time indeed, and the idea of starting my own carrier in business came when I attended the youth seminar on economic growth – preparing youth for sustainable living and social entrepreneurship. I just reached the respective place that was the IIFM- Bhopal. Just after reaching I attended the presentation and seminar round by the TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute) mentors from all over the world. After the seminar when we were asked to participate in the student panel round and to launch our own product and innovative ideas for starting your own business at that time after seeing the initiative and interest of students’ present there I was forced to think over the future of young entrepreneur. There, I pitched them my idea of the “chlorine liquid bulb”. Yeah sounds! Funny but I actually thought of it. Right next to me in the auditorium was a guy. He looked at me and said that he had overheard our conversation and was interested in learning more about the venture, because he invests in start-ups. I was taken aback! Well, now I know why people call them “Angel Investors”! The sign that I was waiting to focus on my idea and take the leap of faith toward my dream and my unstructured future was right there. I exchanged contact info with him, although I must say that I didn’t believe that he is an investor, so when I went home, I goggled his name, only to find that he is! .he was also interested to sponsor my NGO in which I am working. Though it look quite funny too and unbelievable but yes it happened with me might be for the first and the last time. Just after my degree I am going to set up a team of young entrepreneurs and set contact with that guy too to start my carreer and I surely will do…

Youth are important stakeholders in initiatives towards start-up in any region. they can be actively engaged at all levels in raising awareness, running educational programmes, advocating for policy level changes, designing innovative solutions, technologies and tools and also strengthening public participation for career start-up. If I say when you are thinking of a business, then just don’t think, build the one… it’s not always creativity that is lacking but it’s all about determination. As Albert Einstein likely said “it’s not that I am smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”. i.e. problem’s create innovative thinking and thousands way to get rid of it. It’s also means that you don’t have to be a genius to have a breakthrough! There is only one trend to be follow is the keen desire and a burning idea to fulfill our own curiosity.

Ok I am currently a student and I am having trouble understanding the market trend i.e. “before dreaming about the future or marking plans, you need to articulate what you already have in you – as entrepreneurs do”. As the economy of any country, irrespective of its state of development, requires competent and effective regulatory student entrepreneur functioning’s towards the goals of efficiency and equity. This will provide India and neighboring countries a major resource of trained professionals to enable the practice of independent regulatory functions in a changing world. This will provide an opportunity for youth to enhance their understanding with establishing the network with like-minded people, exchange ideas and form a common network thereby reaching out to many like- minded people striving towards a entrepreneurship…. !!!

“If you want to build a strong network that will help you move ahead in your career, it’s vital to first take stock of the connections you already have.”



  1. AnkiT says:

    Very Nice Saying, Actually Thats The Main Thing Which We Can Call The Real Startup ..Hatzz Off For The Writters.._xD

  2. APOORV says:

    very nice (y)

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