STUDENT STARTUPS – A magical boon or a wicked beast


Have you heard of Microsoft and Lakshmi Niwas Mittal? They are the magical products of startups. Startups may sound a very small word but it works wonders when coordinated and united well. Today the emerging trend is of Student startup. Most of us when hear this word think of a group of lads in front of computer writing codes and making a website but is that the actual image? Is that what really a startup is? Do we actually know what a Student Startups is? A Student startup is an institution of two or more people who work together to take risk to develop an idea of their mind and make it into a business to earn profit and making their product a success. They not only take financial risk but also it needs their emotional investment and the costliest thing in this world their time.
Now the question arises why do a startup? When a student is studying, he is young and his mind open to new ideas, his thinking is heretical and he is radical in his way of living and thinking. This young and wannabe wants to do something, wants to make his own image in the world, to be recognized and applauded by his fellow beings, his family and the society. This ambitious mind comes up with ideas to make the lives of people more comfortable and easy. The turning of these ideas into actual products of services is known as a startup and that is exactly the reason why student startups have emerged immensely in the last decade. Apart from being socially accepted and extoled for their success, they need money which plays a very important role in a youth’s life. He not only needs money for his daily needs but also to enjoy the benefits which come with youth. One the main desires being partying, having a girlfriend or a boyfriend and enjoying life. Mostly in India the youth just studies because he wants to earn and the conventionally people have the thinking that you can only earn after you become an engineer or doctor and get a good job so most of the students nowadays just go for IIT-JEE, AIEEE coaching right from class 11th and slog themselves to study physics, chemistry and mathematics day in and day out and in this rat race their creativity, the uniqueness of their mind is all lost to the cramming of formulas. But being an engineer or doctor is not the only option, this young innovative mind come up with many ideas which may seem impossible at the moment but have high potential in them. The students who think differently and have that ability to take the risk start the startup to give their idea a concrete ground and turn in into a product not just for money or appreciation but to see their product or technology or service benefit people in making their life easier. Like many websites are being created by students who help people sell, purchase items very easily.
Like every coin has both sides startups also have his ups and downs. Not every thing which shines is gold. The harsh reality of student startup is that not only it requires an initial heavy investment but also great determination, willpower and positive attitude to make it a success. Millions of startups are started every year but only a few percent of them survive, that’s because if the startup fails in its first task or assignment the students who tend to be very sensitive become dejected and depressed and they are unable to bounce back again into the market. The other major reason is that after the initial victory, they earn money and indulge themselves, but in this they become casual towards their startup and their first victory becomes the last because every work needs your commitment. The other reason which is also a major reason for setbacks is mutual rivalry. Mostly the student’s fight among themselves at petty issues and that affects their professional business.
But we cannot let the disadvantages of anything stop us from taking the benefits of all the numerous advantages of Student Startups. The major and foremost reason to start a startup is to create one’s own employment and not depending upon multinational companies to come and hire us. All the youth prepare for interviews and group discussion, slog themselves at learning vocabulary and reading comprehension when in their mind an idea about making an automated home system is revolving, or a code of a program which automatically helps you to connect to your laptop through your pen wirelessly is revolving, A startup is a platform which helps them realize their ideas into a definite product which earns them not only money but praise from the society. Being a social animal, acceptability from the society is the basic agenda in a person’s life and getting a status and living a high standard living is what priority to the youth is. The main advantage for the youth is that they are young and can work for longer hours without getting tired; they can live cheaply and have no real commitments or responsibilities like a wife or children which helps to shape up their startup to a better level in a short time. Now governments and many agencies are helping students in starting their startups by proving free services, tools, data, managing skills and even financial aid if they find their ideas very appealing and intriguing. Starting a Startup not only helps one in creating employment for oneself but also other people are employed due to it. One starts contributing to the country’s GDP however small.
Thus Startups are a unique platform for high willed people who have the determination, focus and the mindset to make a name and place in the world. All the wannabe’s use this unique platform to make their innovation and ideas, however silly they may seem initially into a success and be known for it. As they say “Where there is a will, there is a way” although old and rusty but still holds good in all times. You are never late to give your mind a pull and start thinking; your mind will present you with so many unreasonable yet awesome ideas that you will be surprised yourself. Billionaires are not made in heaven. They are not created in big universities either .Its only the brain that thinks the idea and our will which makes us through. If you think you have it, you can do it.


  1. ashish says:

    nice and inspiring work..really liked the way u enlighten your views on topic by keeping sentences simple and giving a good idea of what a general start up mind should be…good job 🙂

  2. Amazing article. It looks as if the author just gt the information out of my mind….Straight to the point..!Cheers!

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