Student startups-good or bad?


Student start up’s are really good. I am a girl from South India where the education system has made education almost lifeless. During high school in order to get into a good college cut-off marks are essential. Getting good cut-off marks depends mostly on memorizing skills rather than how far one has gained knowledge. What more, down here there are colleges where lecture notes are either dictated or even written on board and the students are expected to replicate the same in their exam papers. The funny part is if by chance the lecturer wrote something with some spelling mistake the trained students do the same as well, they fear the rules and are shunned and doomed by their fear of future.

In such a scenario if by chance a student aspires to live out her life, then student’s start up is like a ray of light breaking the dawn.

Students start up is a part of growth; it is an essential aspect of life. Maybe the success rate is slow and the income earned is feeble initially, but it is always better to have tried and failed than remain without trying at all. Slowly one grows; they learn from their mistakes and eventually stand in their own legs as a successful entrepreneur.

Another great problem that most of the upper middle class parents face today is that their teens maturing into adult hood refuse to take up responsibility and seem so lavish. When student startups spring up, unnoticed to themselves aren’t they slowly taking up responsibility of their life? Thus they gradually grow up into a much matured, responsible better citizens of the country. Another positive aspect is that when young students begin startup at early stages there is little cheating involved than those big old businessmen paving way to a better customer friendly environment.

In India, huge stress is given to marks and grades than the real JOY OF LIFE and living. But great people who have achieved far greater success in real life have not been toppers or high scorers during their formal education. Successful entrepreneurs who rocked the world from Tata to those who are rocking the world right now be it Bill gates or Zuckerberg, were either dropouts or were kicked out of institutions. I am not going to suggest leaving of the formal education but the point here is formal education does not matter than much out there in the real world. As long as there is passion in the heart, a brave mind and a good plan in the head, nothing else matters.

Picture of Tata during his early days.


Maybe taking the first step needs a braver heart as the path to the dream is not certain, it is the path that most ignore, where little or no help and support is all you get. In a country like India where everyone aspires to become either a doctor or an engineer it is still more difficult, even the parents would not be pleased with the idea of a start up by their child, though it is part of the growth of that child. But still despite all it is one beautiful way of living without any regrets in the future. It isn’t the success or failure that matters but the journey, the experience gained during the entrepreneurship.
“I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference
-Robert Frost”
One essential aspect is that there must be enormous commitment by the budding student entrepreneur, they must not be expecting fast money at once and quit. It may take many years until they establish themselves as a successful entrepreneur and have a good name of their own, till then patience ,perseverance with continuous enthusiastic trying is required, this is what most of the budding student startup’s lack.

A good plan with initial financial support like loan or such thing from bank or a guiding factor like Tata’s first dot can be other added factors as well. With internet connecting the world ,one can easily market their product and get the attention of people ,provided they know the knack of grabbing the attraction of people via advertisements etc..

Student Startup Madness participants pose for an official SXSW group picture.
A picture of successful student startup.

Many student startups across the world have meet great success, but in India little students are taking the braver step as they are conditioned to choose the safer road than the adventurous road of their passion. But these days even in India, Banks and other entrepreneurial legends(TATA’s First Dot) are coming forward to motivate and support these raising student entrepreneurs via various schemes, plans and competitions. One must be able to expose their talents and express their ideas in a impressive manner and not miss such opportunities.

Student start up does not limit oneself within a small circle of college, it makes them feel the world, and it shows how life in the real world is. One competes with the whole world out there, one knows where one stands, and they discover themselves in course of time, areas they have to improve and things they are good at.

In short, student startups are one of a kind unique way to learn and enjoy life at it’s best.

In the end what matters most in life is not the destination reached but the journey towards the destination.



  1. it’s everything in the hands of parents. they just think about the “destination reached instead of the journey towards destination” as you said. so parents must come forth to know about many new things and should pay way for it.

  2. S. JOE NAVEEN RAJ says:

    elegant article with solutions to intricate problems Mistake is not alone with the education system which we follow. The attitude of today’s youth and parents have misinterpreted the system. and the real fact there are only few persons like tata and zukerberg who went in search of their passion and achieved it but there are millions of youth lost their life in search of their passion With determination and aspiration ,destiny is in our hands

  3. Sudhir says:

    The article is too good. Ï agree with “Valli”, its fate of Indian, we have to live with it.

  4. shakti says:

    right said, most of our kids dont enjoy the gain of knowledge , they vomit what they are fed with, apart from this education has become an exclusive costly sector , so the best to learn means the best to be funded with which is again a dream of the needier and a luxury to the  upper strata of the society , which is what u said are kids non-commited lavishness ,and taking an initiave of start up group might help out our kids to understand, envisage and de-mark the power of actual knowledge vs earning machines !!KUDOS FOR THE AUTHOR AND THE MEANING FUL ARTICLE !! 

  5. Kalaivani says:

    No second opinion about your article…..true.

  6. surya says:

    @ KRP: but still we do have a choice to some extent, but true..

  7. surya says:

    @ Arun Sundar: yup! true..  🙂

  8. surya says:

    @Valli: there is a solution ,it is with “US”

  9. surya says:

    @shubham:  with generations to come sure more people will think this way..Hoping for a better world.. 🙂

  10. surya says:

    @ Jeya ::) yup! sis..guess with time things would change leading to a better world.

  11. Arun Sundar says:

    Nicely drafted for the youth mass by the author. I do agree that, these start-up’s are good.They envisage the student to have a vision in their life, which then buds into reality as the years go. At  the end of the day, what we see is the transformation from a student into a personality.A beginning to bring a change.

  12. Krishna Ram Prakash R says:

    The problem is not with the students alone. Not everything our parents teach us are correct. I feel its the parents who are mainly responsible for not encouraging their children to do what they want and only make them do what they feel safe.

  13. Valli says:

    Fate of Indian students.. South Indians in particular.. I  doubt there is a solution..

  14. shubham says:

    I like your thought. Wish more people thought the same way.

  15. Jeya says:

    Your article is true,we need some changes in our education system.

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