Student startups- good or bad?


Start-up itself has a greatest challenge in it with student starting up is nevertheless a featured attempt in laying down a path towards ecstasy. Student start-up is certainly good. There are mainly two reasons for any student to get into this, either he wanted to lead a change or doesn’t want to work for someone, whom i consider that they are mainly inspired by the quote “Life is too short to be living someone else’s dream”(may be true to an extent). It is hard to take a risk in your college days and invest your hours that you may spend in dating girls, riding bikes or simply staring at the wall’s of facebook in an unpractical project which no sight of success. But that is one’s inner instinct that makes anyone clear all the tough challenges and blossom with joy.

Start-up’s are bad in the case of their unusual death. Student level start-up’s are becoming common these days though they don’t stand for much longer, they got much hype and public interest that even campaigns are being held by many venture capitalist’s or so called “Angel Investor’s” in search of new kick-start companies that may change fate of the economy. These short span start-up’s die with their reason for starting-up still not achieved. This doesn’t mean every start-up has ended young, there are few people like Richard Branson who made his small idea to grow up and about to hit a golden jubilee(just to state an example).Every student has a reason or a cause to start anything on his own, but only few will stand for it after their college/school days. They loose the enthusiasm that they used to have when they started. If they can maintain that and strive hard for achieving the target set on the first day of the start-up, there is no way that they will face barricades in their future.

Start-up is not just a word to utter or an activity for the prosperity of one’s living, it is something great which may change the entire basic rules that we abide by, to bring glory to humanity and value to human ethos.

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