PROFIT & HUMANITY: A Classic Entrepreneurship

An English poet John Donne says – man is not an island entirely of himself. He is a part of the main. These beautiful words suggest that individual is an integral part of the society. ...
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Why Top Management Fails: A Flip Side

  Why Top Management Fails: A Flip Side Innovation has always been a hot topic of conversation in organizations, cultures and ethnicities. You call it either a radical change ...
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Headline:—-Today, the market is expanding day by day and most of the students skip their colleges and got indulging into jobs. All these college students intended to do the jobs ...
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Rural Entrepreneurship

RURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP  Written By: R N RAMESH   (MBA)                                                                        School of Commerce ...
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Rising up without burning down

When we talk about the globalization of our economy and then start boasting of our redundant growth in spite of the financial turmoil entrapping the world, there is a cabal of skewed ...
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In today’s era when the world on the path of 3I’s i.e., it is getting Integrated, Interdependent and Interrelated, globalization has taken its toll. It has become the buzzword and ...
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Everyone can be an Entrepreneur but everyone cannot buy patience

So basically who actually is this entrepreneur ? Well the simple answer can be one who is a businessman , in a more layman terms one who sells products and makes a living. Well the ...
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Entrepreneurship is also about identifying the opportunity

We at techaloo always say “Need is the seed to entrepreneurship” Kerala since it’s recognition as a state has been known as state with almost 100% literacy. But even 100% ...
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