Startup skills for the entrepreneur in you

Every year, in 1,000s of colleges, lakhs of students undergo millions of classes — engineering, MBA, commerce, science, law, etc. But what they learn in a course has to be complemented ...
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Google Adsense – Now Earn With Google

Google is free, Gmail is free and YouTube is also free…. Then How the Google is Owner of the IT market? How it is making biggest money through internet provided all of its services ...
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Human Resource Essentials for Entrepreneurship

Large organizations have staff specifically assigned to the Human Resources department, but in smaller organizations and startups, the business owner or a general staff member often ...
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Risk it Frisk it

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” A couple of years ago, entrepreneurship ...
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The essence of Cinema lies in its ability to reflect the society. Cinema, in all its simplicity, is a mirror. The only difference is that it does not project the true image. Its image ...
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King and Rich?

Idea generation and making plans for the future is probably one of the most fun parts of starting a company. You get excited about the idea and start to fantasize how it would work ...
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How to evaluate your business idea

How to evaluate your business ideas? – Evaluation of business idea is often neglected by college start-up. Pre-evaluation of business idea helps in sharpening it or dumping it ...
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Critical Thinking about exploring Personal Vision

  Personal goal and vision about entrepreneurs own life is often neglected by many entrepreneurs. This may lead to barrier for growth of the company or personal satisfaction of ...
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Two Stories Defining the Entrepreneurship

Generally people ask what is entrepreneurship?? What is innovation?? or similar kind of questions.. In this article we are going to present two stories which will tell you the real ...
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How to make a B-Plan??

Generally people ask that what is the format of b-plan?How to make a b-plan? what is the best b-plan? To answer these questions we are providing a format of B-plan, which tells that ...
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