Team work, team spirit and artistic spirit


Truly, individuals don’t make great companies, teams do. That is why a popular adage once stated that success cannot be achieve in isolation that is, individuals cannot solely achieve greater success in a company, unless there is team work, team spirit and artistic spirit from various subordinate units. The highlighted words play a prominent role in the making of great companies.

Hindsight of a good team work

This encompasses process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. It might be a group of staffs in a company or members of an organization. Team work is often a crucial part of a business, as it is often necessary for colleagues to work well together, trying their best in any circumstance. Team work means that people will try to cooperate using their individual skills and providing constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict between individuals.

However, an effective team work entails a clear goal that call for a specific performance objective, expressed so concisely that everyone knows when the objective has been met in the company. As well as results driven structure, external supports and encouragement, unified commitment, collaborative climate of trust produced by honest, open, consistent and respectful behaviour.

From the above brief explanation, it is clearly obvious that good team work also dwells on communication, team balance and leadership. Because with good communication, it allows team members to understand each other’s point of view, to share ideas, to express feelings and to articulate plans, while balance solicit for people with experience, skills, perspectives, interests and complement one another to make great company.

Team Spirit

As regards team spirit, it encompasses supporting and willingness to cooperate as part of a team in a company. For proper breakdown, let’s check out for the exact team spirit;

ü T- Stands for trying your best. This is very important for each and everyone to contribute his/her quota in order to make a great company. In essence, we should not relent in trying our best and never give up for failure.

ü E– Stands for encourage others. Encouragement cannot be left out in team, some company members do fed up along the line of a task and we can wake them up through encouragement.

ü A-Stands for achievement. In essence, every department in a company, through collaboration should always strive to achieve maximum success. No work should be leaving undone. Achievement will only come after completion of all works on ground.

ü M– Stands for must always show team spirit. While working together, we must always show team spirit of oneness. Our heart should not be divided but rather stay connected.

ü S-Stands for supporting others. Every members of a company should always relate together, this will allow us to know where and how to give a helping hand. It is not amazing that a problem share is half-solved.

ü P– Stands for participating. It is essential for people to feel your impact, my impact, and our impact at place of work. But if your impact as a staff of a company is not felt, it shows that you are not participating towards the success of the company.

ü I– Stands for impossible. It’s impossible to win if you and I have no team spirit. Yes! It is true, if our heart and positive goal and objective are not properly connected, it will be impossible to make a great company. In essence, the aim in uplifting a company should always be the same and in line with the rules and regulations of the company.

ü R– Stands for Respect. No doubt about the fact that with respect, we can achieve all things. Every members of a company should always respect one another in order to work in perfect team spirit.

ü I-Stands for important. It’s important to show team spirit. As I’ve said earlier, it is mandatory for us to visualize the team spirit embedded in us.

ü T-Stands for together we work together. The last letter indicates the needs for teams to make great companies.

Artistic Spirit

This shows the mutual creativity and tactics that can make great companies. Not surprising that in many companies nowadays, there is usually a creative department set aside. This department can never make great companies all alone, but rather work hand-in-hand with other departments to foster greater success. Invariably, if a company moves forward, it depends on the effectiveness of teams. On the other hand, if a company moves backward, let’s endeavour to cross check the level and strength of teams.

At this point, it is so obvious that various sections in a company work together towards achieving full growth and development. Although, the responsibility of department “A” is different from department “B”, but the fact remains that department “A” cannot achieve greater success in isolation, unless there is cordial relationship with department “B”. Likewise department “B” cannot achieve an appreciable level of success solely; unless there is mutual relationship with department “A”. They are all working to achieve a common goal and objectives.

In conclusion, the role and impact of teams cannot be left out, in making great companies. Your effort, my effort, our effort are not enough until we combine and brainstorm ideas in teams and realize achievement. Yes! Achievement.

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