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“As a freelancer I started it for daily bread & butter for me, family. Fell in love with social entrepreneurship, trying to build an efficient team. “

-Mogili Vijender, Team7.



When Government banned plastic, every environmentalist was happy to see the policy change but a few were happy for the gesture as they found a way for exploitation. A huge demand for paper cups, paper plates, paper bags, and paper glasses propelled demand for these sorts of industries and the machinery required for that.

The middle men who are marketing the machinery for these sorts of industries has made a false branding in the name of “Dilli (Delhi) machinery” .They started selling a manual machine with almost 100% margin on production cost  and even with higher margin on semi-automatic  and automatic machines.

In a nation where we traditionally believed that business is a synonym of exploitation, a team affronted concrete efforts to start a business to stop exploitation, thus rewriting the cost-pattern for whole supply chain and value chain. No rationale behind the name as ‘Team seven’ but their vision is to create heaven for the lower strata of society. In their words,” Our mission is empowerment of every person in the market circles while stopping the exploitation.


I was there on a Wednesday evening to learn about their business from them. A girl welcomed with a sigh of “What do you want?” There was no sort of “How can I help you?” look we normally see in front office persons. Later I learned her role as a Chief Planning Officer of the company and I was privileged to meet the buddies who are trying to rewrite the rules for emerging small scale entrepreneurs. We could sense the feel of respect for the persons who put great efforts for the genesis of ‘Team7’.

Diving into Operations and business idea

(Before 8 months- When team 7 is working hard to stand where they are now.)

The company started with the idea to bring Tutors and Students together by acting as a consultancy bureau. Providing income source to the much needed student community, as they are their tutors and solving the problem of parents who are looking for good tutors to their children. When asked about these efforts, Mogili, a man behind Team7 genesis answered,” It was an attempt to understand our education system and now we are dreaming and preparing ourselves beyond this.”

Till now, they bought  Stutors(Student-tutors) and students together in last 11 months and now the team is putting efforts to turn this Success into a full-swing Career Consultancy. One of the notebooks prepared by them rightly quotes Dale Carnegie, “You never achieve Success unless you like what you are doing.”

Team7 created its own space when Government banned plastic. Every one sensed the demand for paper-products but Team7 realized the exploitation on Small-scale entrepreneurs and they took a resolution to make this market more transparent and stop exploitation thus empowering them. They opened the fact that “Dilli machines are not manufactured in Delhi and they don’t cost too much” and they started advertising in regional newspapers quoting it as low-cost machinery.

The competitors sensed the malaise and could not understand the benefaction to the society threatened Team7 to withdraw the advertisements. The competitors gave up because you can threaten a person but you cannot threaten a mission especially when a team formed with a vision.

The further idea of Team7 is to reduce the cost of notebooks in the market and counsel the students through these notebooks about career opportunities. The research is still on to enter every space where they can reduce exploitation, rewrite rules of business.

When asked about investments, Dilip explained, “Here investment is not a problem as we are selling the product which customer is willing to buy and which is already available in the market. We take 1/5th of the machine cost as advance and then we order a machine and we deliver it to customer and then pay the amount to producer .We book our profits without thinking much on investments. “Swetha with pride in her gestures added, “There were times when customer happily paid the full amount before we supply the machine as we are supplying the machines at low-cost possible in the market.”

Inspiration quotient


Team7-Striving ahead to stop exploitation(Logo in design)

I observed a guy who is listening to our conversations keenly but never spoke a word in the entire conversation. Later, I learned Nitin, the breath for logistics part of Team7 is right there from the genesis of Team7 and he believed every problem is a challenge. Further, we learned that he plays a key role in the discussions of team thus helping in the strategies of Team7.He is a true inspiration for learning,”Silence is a strategy” and I learned this from whole Team7.

When asked about their definitions of business, Swetha politely answered,” There should be something new to learn in anything and Ido not know anything about business when I completed Post graduation in Chemistry but today I learned a few things about society. Further I learned, there should be some change and tasks should be made simple and change should be brought in (to) the society .Over all, it happens through our learning attitude and for me business is all about that learning.” It was interesting to hear it from a girl who was once maa-papa’s ladloo. On an average, she handles 50 calls and 10 step-ins for the Team7 every day. She handles finance part of Team7 in a motherly style because at team7, they believe team is a family.

Dilip, a student of Mass Communications articulates aspirations of Team7,”The business community is not looking for something new.Market sustainability depends on new things.In near future,our aim is to provide10-15 ways for our customers who in turn are entrepreneurs. We are looking at empowerment of small-scale businesspersons and we believe this is the way for empowerment of society as a whole. We believe, we can do this as customer doesn’t belong to any class.”

Kranthi, a student of H.C.U who looks after Public relations and research part said, “Everyone looks about present finances and operations of company but the story is much beyond this.Team7 is about formation of a team with larger vision. Team7 identifies the right people, inspires them, supports them, and makes them change-makers. We never recruited any one neither we denied anyone. We simply believed in making a team and few people came in and now they are the visceral organs of team7.We are running it successfully even though many of the founding team members live at faraway places.”

As a whole, my understanding about the business has grown on the Wednesday evening .The business of team7 is not about their reasonable, sustainable revenues. It is about turning normal people as future-leaders for the society and bringing the change in the society by reducing exploitation and empowering small-scalebusinessperson thus reducing the burden on middle-class customer.

I stepped down the office of Team7 at Saroor Nagar post office with a heavy nostalgic feeling and bid farewell to those future leaders.


  1. Akshay Tiwari says:

    Great job Aravind and Mogli!!

  2. Reena Thakur says:

    Thanks… team7 which is working for the reduction of exploitation during their efforts and try to bring some changes in society. God bless you….@@@@ and you will get success in your life and your efforts………)))

  3. chamdra rekha says:

    Inspiring story… well written aravind..!! 🙂

  4. moigli says:

    First i want to Thank aravind, who wrote this article. as he said the work by team7 inspired me to write this article. now it is my turn, each and every action you people do is motivating me like you comment, your likes. at least for few seconds you people are interested to know what is going on, thanks for giving time to am charged double, we are doing and we will be doing even we fall 1000…0 timesthanks to Ganga, Bhibu and akshay thiwari. 

  5. Nice initiative….retain your spirit heroo….and I like your Innovative Idea…………All d best….From my side…….!1111

  6. Bongurala Gangadhar says:

    Good effort, keep it up

  7. Udayan Banerjee says:

    Feel privileged to spend time with one of the team7ite…Mogili….All the best to Team7, great going :).

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