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Every start-up has a lot of struggles and probably that is why it is called a start-up. You have to face a lot of difficulties like connecting with people, convincing the people why your product is better and gaining leverage over your competitors from even the slightest difference you have with another product. We have to make a mark in the minds of people that are already accustomed to a particular service or product from other company.

Every startup faces an initial problem – WHAT TO NAME YOUR PRODUCT. Sounds simple right? Err nope is what most startups will answer. The reason for this being is that the name of the startup can actually solve a lot of difficulties initially faced by a startup like making an initial connection with your perspective market. There are so many startups there right now, unless the name sticks out and makes that first impression, anyone would forget it almost immediately. Name of the company hence also becomes important in getting that initial investment (if your name is cooler you are likely to get more funding from VCs than your competitors.

Your startup name must straight away get into the minds of people and should tell something about your product and at the same time it should be cool for giving everyone the desire to buy your product. The name should create a first impression that’s positive, intriguing and clear.

A secondary factor to naming of a startup is the availability of the very name that you think is perfect for your startup. More than likely it won’t be available, and that’s when the arbitrary alternate spellings and additional letters start happening for many entrepreneurs.

Having said all that we live in INDIA, a place where even the biggest MNC’s name their companies after consulting the PUNDITS (e.g. How many k’s to be put in the name of the company or what must be initials of the company). There’s nothing wrong here, everyone believes in that different factor which in this case is spirituality. The reason of bringing this point is to explain that naming your startup is not an exact science, and there’s no perfect how-to guide that will work for every startup. Just like a stock market you may be right for the wrong reason and wrong for the right reason.

If you spend time at the beginning thinking about the one thing you want your company to do, who your audience will be, and your competitors’ names, you’re on the right track. When you have your final candidates for a name, just be sure to Google them and check what Google comes up with. You surely do not want co come into hurdles of changing your established companies name later on because of any petty issue that might be there against that name.


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