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Are entrepreneurs born or made? Did they always know this is what they wanted from life or did an opportunity come up and light the way?

“When I was in KIIT University, I thought I should ‘do something’… Then I worked for some time and I said, “Yeah, I should do something’. But I think somewhere sooner or later in the same institute it got crystallized”, recalls Kushal. This was in the year 2007.

There are always stories about how rock bands get formed. And it’s the same with companies. How do the founders actually come together? Usually they are classmates, colleagues or roommates in the same hostel.

It was in the year 2009, the boundaries got breached and the limits got crossed. All norms were shattered and rules skewered. And it added a new word in Google’s dictionary: ROBOTICWARES. A team of three got formed. Each member of the team brought in some special skills. Gautam, one of the gizmo type guys meaning his house is a garage at all the points in time. Even now he is the owner of black and white 1971 television lying somewhere in the attic because he will always aspire to repair something. Gaurav, a software engineer, a tech savvy, who was full of research bent of mind and Kushal, a born entrepreneur. The team decided that starting a market research firm made sense and they put in their pocket money to start a capital. This capital gave birth to ROBOTICWARES in the hostel rooms of KIIT University and at that time ‘RO BOTICWARES’ seemed a very logical name.

Gautam, born in Patna – The land of Gautam Budha, an upbringing who was a little different from the other thousands of other kids in the capital of Bihar in the 1990’s. After completing his class 12th, he joined KIIT University to become an Electronic engineer and this was the place where he met with the other two technologists who were destined to be the future entrepreneurs. Right from his childhood days Gautam was deeply interested in electronics and opening electronic gadgets, experimenting with them became his ‘interest’ and not hobby. The bottom line was a spirit of curiosity in him to play with the electronic gadgets which always surrounded him. During his college days he saw some of his seniors making a robot, a way to realize things practically what was taught in the class. This inspiration, passion and the zeal to do something in the fields of electronics, made him build a robot. And it was this robot which won FOUR National Championships in a row and that’s when it first became evident, ‘an undefeatable champion of robotics’ and now Gautam Kumar is taking up as the Director of RoboticWares

Know thyself and the rest follows, they say. Gaurav Srivastava grew up in what you would call an ‘ordinary middle class home.’ Bringing along with him the smell of Jharkhand to the temple city – Bhubaneswar to pursue engineering in Computer Science, Gaurav was in a different part of sphere all together. His intelligence was actually tested when a senior faculty came to the class and threw a challenging project to the student. He stood up for the same and the project was delivered in record time. Soon faculty figured out the potential in him and provided him with various opportunities to showcase his talent. He continued with his passion in coding and was conferred with title ‘Codiac’. Among several other projects that he did during his engineering tenure, a few of them became projects of national importance like KIIT Path Finder System, Conference Management System and lots more. Gaurav joined the Computer Sciene branch of KIIT and quickly fell in love with robotics. An International Championship got Gautam and Gaurav together. Winning in national level event at IIT Kharagpur (an institute in eastern India where even the angels fear to tread) brought them national recognition and each time kept on adding another feather to their cap. Now Gaurav Srivastava is the CTO of RoboticWares.

Kushal came from a family where becoming a doctor, engineer or professor was the ultimate goal but the story of his life is precise and logical because he had the concept of entrepreneurship somewhere, at the back of his mind. Kushal, an average Delhi dude wanted to do something non-millitary and this sounded like a good caption. There was much more in his bags than just drafters, dreams and documents, and that was the reason that he always kept himself busy in conference and seminars on India’s future market trends. It was an event in KIIT that brought all three of them together on a table. They exchanged ideas, researched on various topics, discussions started and continued for long time but sooner or later that understood that this ‘trio’ was built to bring about a change, the change that we wanted to see.  Kushal Nahata these days is the CEO of RoboticWares.

The first few days of your company are full of angst but this anxiety got disappeared when they found that the faculties of their college extended their support to this newly formed RoboticWares. They shared their idea with their placement officer – Mr. Venkat Sastry and he appreciated this effort. The first contract of organizing a robotics workshop at Silicon Institute of Technology brought smiles on the face of all three of them. They all were excited and this excitement got multiplied a number of times after the successful completion of this project.

Robotics Workshop was named LPC (Learn Play Cricket) which was a 3 day event where hundreds of students implemented their knowledge they have been learning. These students entered the world of science. They were not taught robotics; rather they were asked to explore robotics to them. Hundreds of students participated, event was a grand success and the feedback was tremendous.

Money was never a fact for them while choosing their future. The first two contracts gave them enough financial aid to sustain their living for the next few days. Their dreams now made their hostel rooms smaller. This was the time they needed some space so the company which started in the hostel rooms of KIIT University now shifted their first new office in Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar in 2009.

It seemed like a pretty easy thing to achieve, where was the challenge? And that’s what sparked each one of them – the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. But now they reached to such extent that they needed more like minded people to assist them who all shared the same dream in a similar passion to learn and RoboticWares now became a team of experts in hardware and software.

Even today the team of RoboticWares is continuing their research on technologies and products and this is funded by the revenue generated from their workshops. Recently RoboticWares invented a ‘Gas Leakage Device’ which became a national discovery and this success story was published in the top newspapers, TV channels and magazines of the country.

RoboticWares story tells us that ability matters, determination matters, but ultimately so does destiny. The limits are in your own thinking and the impossible is what you think cannot be done.


Varinder Singh
KIIT Unversity, 2012
About me: A complicatedly simple person; a mesmerising jig-zaw puzzle; an enchanting talker at times, a silent observer at other times; a passionate dreamer sometimes, a hard core rational at other times; sometimes you might bump into the the wild adventurer in me, at other times there is the thoughtful dude waiting; sometimes you might be thrown off guard by my ‘break the ice first’ attitude, at other time I am waiting you moron when exactly wil you break the silence; sometimes I am the lazy couch potato, at other times the leader is in action!!! The crux of the matter is “I am 20 different personalities trapped in one”. Take your option! The world for me is a grand confluence of emotions, passionate plethora of opinions and gala amalgamation of ideas! I don’t waste my time in selecting likes and dislikes! I cherish life as and when it reveals itself!.

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    the were not allowed to conduct the workshop under the aegis “Roboticwares”,they BRIBED  the official, Rs.300 per student and JAI left the company

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