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As Sam dalal, Founder and Head of Funtime Innovations says “According to the laws of aerodynamics, a bumblebee cannot fly as its weight is too high and its wing span too narrow. However a bumblebee does not understand the laws of aerodynamics! It just picks up and flies away. That’s the way an entrepreneur should think. There are no rules. Just do it.” The book “The Game Changers” precisely highlights this fact by illustrating the accomplishments of 20 entrepreneurs passed out from IIT kharagpur.




Brainchild of…

Published by Random House India and authored by Rahul Kumar, Alok Kothari and Yuvnesh Modi  “The Game Changers” rephrases the statement: Successful individuals are a product of successful companies to successful companies are a product of successful individuals. Yuvnesh Modi and Rahul Kumar are fourth year students of IIT Kharagpur while Alok Kothari is a recent alumnus of IIT Kharagpur. The string which connects these authors is the entrepreneurship cell of the institute of which all three are active members. On being interviewed as to how the book concept came in, the authors replied that they felt they needed to change the mentality that successful technological ventures can only be built in the west. They felt that its not that India has not produced great innovators, its just that their stories have never been narrated before. What an idea Sir jee!!!

What is it all about ?

The book, recently featured among the top 10 non fiction books according to the Hindustan Times Nielsen book scan, throws light on the entrepreneurial journeys of 20 alumni who went on to live their dream of starting their own company instead of taking up the high salaried, not so exciting jobs. Also the fact that these alumni made their presence felt in diverse fields such as IT, shipbuilding, sales and marketing solutions, consulting, architecture, alternative energy, biotechnology and farming makes it all the more interesting and readable. Along with their experiences in IIT Kharagpur, the obstacles faced by these entrepreneurs in their various endeavours, and their personal and professional qualities have been laid out in detail. Moreover the flaws and failures of these entrepreneurs and how they overcame it help the readers to connect with these role models and make them absolutely believable.

The book not only features stories of people who embraced entrepreneurship within the domains of core technology like Arjun Malhotra( Co founder of HCL with Shiv Nadar), Harish Hande( Founder of Selco India-A solar electric light company), Sunil Gaitonde( Founder and CEO of Great Software labs private ltd) but also the journeys of those who thought out of the box like Sam dalal (Founder and head of Funtime Innovations-A storehouse of technological goods and clever tricks for magicians).The write-ups on Vinod Gupta(Founder and Chairman of InfoUSA Inc) who founded a B school at IIT Kharagpur, Bikram Dasgupta(Founder of the Globsyn B school) added a new dimension to the personality of an entrepreneur as a person who not only changes the “rules of the game” but also the lives of the people around him through his vision.

The book adopts a holistic approach by narrating stories of Kiran Seth, Founder of SPIC MACAY- A nonprofit endeavour to spread Indian music, heritage and culture to the youth and that of Arvind Kejriwal, an anticorruption crusader in a lot of government transparency drives including the  recent Jan Lokpal movement. The book also puts across the story of Venkata Subramanian, Founder of Efarm- An organized supply chain for farmers giving optimal outputs. The story of Vijay Kumar broadened the horizon of the already diverse field of entrepreneurs from IIT Kharagpur. He founded the Bharti Shipyard in 1973- the first of its kind which changed the face of ship building in India.

The common attribute that runs across all the narratives is the passion- the ability and the willingness to do what you love and what you believe in. Faith in your own self, ability to break the barriers of convention and overcome the odds posed by a non-traditional path are the quintessential qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

Right Marketing at the Right Time:

Why is it that late into the night students specially those living in hostels are hungry? Or correctly framed hungry for maggi? It is because of the branding power of maggi besides its delicious taste. The advertisements of maggi features real life stories of the Indian audience stating maggi as the “Easy to cook, Delicious to eat” food when you are hungry and there is no food around. This is what right marketing at the right time can do.

“The Game Changers” harnesses the full potential of this marketing theory as the authors launch the book at the 60th alumni meet of the institution. The book marks six decades of IIT Kharagpur and there can be no better time for launching the entrepreneurial stories of extraordinary alumni in front of an audience comprising of the alumni of the institute over the years.

Rahul Kumar, Alok Kothari and Yuvnesh Modi(From left to right) launching the book


An Inspirational Read for aspiring entrepreneurs:

The book scores on many fronts. Firstly, the diversity of entrepreneurs enables the “to be  entrepreneurs”  to understand the different kinds of obstacles one can experience before taking the leap and going independent. Secondly, the book gives instances of entrepreneurs from different periods in history including the modern ones like Krishna Mehra(Co founder of Capillary Technologies).This gives the budding entrepreneurs an  idea about the problems faced then and the problems faced now. Lastly, the useful tips provided by these 20 extraordinary entrepreneurs, their personal opinions and their mantras for success not only prove as a great source of experience but also something to look up to for the aspiring ones before plunging into the vast sea  of entrepreneurship.

If you are not happy with the game change the rules….

Even the word “Impossible” says “I M Possible”. This is what the entrepreneurs believe. An entrepreneur takes a challenge head on and makes sure that he comes up with a best possible solution to it. He does not think of how the world thinks of him, its what he thinks that matters. The phrases “unique” and “out of the box” are not something new to him. If he is not happy with the game he changes the rules altogether. He not only wins the game but also comes up with a new way to look at the game which till now was not listed in the book .That is why entrepreneurs are not only called “The Winners” but also “The Game Changers”.


Rahul Shah
B.P.Poddar Institute of Management & Technology,2012
About me: I come from a joint family so I am accustomed to getting optimal solutions after taking different viewpoints in consideration. My mother tongue is Gujarati but having born and brought up in kolkata, I am conversant in Bengali as well apart from Hindi and English.I did my schooling from Julien Day school,kolkata. My selection as the school captain gave me insights into the domain of leadership and being the brand ambassador of my college for Cognizant Technology Solutions gave me an opportunity to interact with students from different parts of the country at a conclave in Chennai. I love playing cricket and I have been a member of my school cricket team and the Computer science department cricket team of my college.Lastly I love to experience adventures.


  1. Rahul says:

    Thanx a lot soumi….Dat was encouraging

  2. Soumi says:

    Welcome to the gang! You’re late but it’s worth the wait. Your writing is crisp,sharp and doesn’t contain unnecessary fantasies(a trait yours truly is yet to learn) . Keep it up. I’m really proud of you!

  3. Nayan Shah says:

    Dear Rahul,Journey of thousand miles starts with first foot forward. Well written & keep writing. Congrats on your maiden attempt of writing. GOD bless and may the joy be with you.Nayan.

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