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In college life we have so many problems like exams, assignment submissions , girlfriend/ boyfriend issues but one of the major problems is pocket money.

But, you never know one day on the journey to earn money you might earn so much that it might just not fit your pocket.

This is a story about two guys who started off on a journey to earn some pocket money, Bhargav Rami Reddy (VIT University) and Vivek Yadav (Army Institute of Technology). They approached schools and taught kids from third and above STEM (Science Technology Engineering &Mathematics) Applications.

Their aim is to expose a child towards science and technology and help them understand the practical application of concepts in day to day life. They have inspired kids and helped them dream big.

Their projects with industry include Hybrid Motorcycle, Stop-Start Systems, Balance Breaking System, Life Cycle Tester for batteries etc.

They started off from Pune went up to Jodhpur, Balotra and made Delhi their Headquarter. But this is not it, they extended their services to Surat,Indore, Bangalore and Hyderabad as well. They now have 17 trainers working in different cities. They dream not only to conquer the Indian map but the Globe. Global presence is their ultimate Goal.

They have also extended their support to under privileged kids by conducting free sessions in Arbindo Asharam , Raith Sikshan Sansthan,Pune and many more.

When team Techaloo asked them about their achievements Bhargav said, “none of our schools where we teach have discontinued, for us this is achievement”.

Their future plans include national and Global presence also Do It Yourself (DIY) kits through which kids can make the gliders, robots, etc on their own.

Their message to students with the entrepreneur spark is, ” when you have the right idea over come your fear and just go for it. College or after college is the right time to take risks and to experiment.”

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  1. Rohit Sunkari says:

    First of all the article is written in a good way ,second thing the idea , its really very good that its a working model bcoz many people cannot make their ideas as working model !!!

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