Entrepreneurship is fast becoming a cliché in the lips of almost all citizens found across the world. We are being taught and told that major achievers and successful people started with that word, employed it and are married to it. For most of what was said, I believe it to be true because Entrepreneurship is a management and leadership style that involves pursuing opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled. An Entrepreneur on the other hand is today an innovator or developer who recognizes and seizes opportunities, converts these opportunities into workable or marketable ideas, adds valuable through time, effort, money or skills, assumes the risks of the competitive marketplace to implement these ideas, and realize the rewards from these efforts.

With this mind, I discovered that the notion that children and the youths should go to schools, work hard, earn good grades in order to work in different Sectors of the Economy is pulling a huge toil on the government. The reason is that most of them with high expectation and anticipation eagerly complete their education, earnestly believing that a job with their name is somewhere waiting for them. When they face the opposite, the government takes the blame for the crisis that follows such as unemployment, withdrawal problems, robbery and theft and so on. But if the notion our parents, guardians, leaders, teachers started from the onset to insert and instill in our minds is to work on our ideas and dreams, progress would certainly be a household name. The reason is that everybody has a dream and anyone can dream but this dream tends to be crushed before they can be actualized. What do I mean? I mean that not everyone gets the opportunity of getting started not talk of getting ahead. An instance is I have a friend who believed so much that she could so much produce a drink that can rival some drinks in the market. It can even be the best. Everything was set for her dreams to actualize but she made a mistake of first, telling her unsupportive parents; second, envious friends and third, having a negative mindset. When these three things produced their results, it defeated the intention and aspiration of this young lady. In the end, the idea was dumped and the dream killed.

Most times, we do not need people to tell us what we should do and what we should not do. If one wants to be as successful as persons like J. P. Morgan, Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Mike Adenuga, Michael Dell, Ernest Obiejesi, Walt Disney, Cosmas and Charity Madu, , Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, to mention a few, we must try to overlook and defeat the fear of getting started. One thing about a dream is getting started to pursue that dream. Once you start the zeal and aspiration to see the finish line is always overwhelming if all negativities are blocked out. Also, getting started has its advantage; it’s a secret that helps you to get ahead and stay ahead. For instance, if Jimoh Ibrahim from Nigeria had suppressed the idea of getting started by selling his house and buying a Filling Station with the money, he would not have gotten ahead. He would not have been the owner of NICON Insurance Plc.

The advice I can give to people is that no matter how silly or foolish you think your idea or dream may sound or look like, you will never know it’s positive results until you get started. It is because; you have a 100% opportunity and chance to see where it leads you. It is better to start rather than keeping it to yourself, in your heart and in your head.


  1. Eneh Uzoma says:

    Entrepreneurship has become so common and even practicable in our present society. It also incorporates an integral part of every profession because at the end of the day, the end product turns out to be money. Talking about entrepreneurship, especially in the pure business sphere, it is not usually an easy task to venture into though it is richly rewarding when progress is made. Entrepreneurship is just like a golden egg in a stagnant and stinking gutter. It is only those who have the courage, both physical and moral, that are able to get such egg of inestimable value. At the initial stage it is clothed with a lot of challenges and obstacles which are not usually very easy to overcome. But those who end up trying eventually succeed because as it is said that where there is a will, there is a way. One has to get started in order to forge ahead. When you take the first step, the second step usually takes care of itself and the progress recorded is usually overwhelming and serves as a very powerful motivation which will result to significant progress which in turn will amount to resounding success. The presentation is really a nice one. Kudos to the author.

  2. Omeye emenike says:

    Immensly instructive! Thumbs up Nnubia

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