For so long we find ourselves asking  ourselves so many questions in our journey through life, will I make it in life?, when will I make it?, what do I have to do? How much longer do I have to wait? We oft times find us pondering these questions in our head yet, the worst that happens is just pondering it over and over and actually not doing anything real about it. we hope, we believe, we deny the simple truth that a man’s fate lies in his own very hands, we have dreams of driving luxury cars, living the large life, owing conglomerates, huge expanding businesses bringing huge profit margins, but that is where it stops for many, questioning themselves and dreaming endlessly without really trying to solve the question or make their dreams come true.

I used to be of this same ilk, I loved business, I loved been an entrepreneur, I dreamt this dreams, and asked myself these questions frequently, I had fantastic business ideas in my head, an idea would come and play in my head and I’d ponder over it, plot the schematics, project the business success, look at how much capital I needed, and that would be the end, my biggest problem had always been the capital, it was always my stumbling block, like an anchor fastened to the feet of a drowning person.

Truth be told, the problem isn’t the problem, the problem is how you address the problem, the problem wasn’t with fear of failure, or that the business idea wasn’t economically viable, it was always with starting, but how could I start when I had no capital? Capital stood in front of me like a Goliath before a David, only difference been I just didn’t have the stone and sling to bring it down, or maybe I did. I mean there are so many ways to get capital, savings was one for an instance, but I always dispelled those thoughts so quickly for I had little in terms of savings or to put more aptly the savings I had couldn’t start the kind of businesses I had always fathomed, my savings were for a different purpose, it wasn’t savings for the future, it was savings for precautionary motives, savings for the rainy day, and I had to dabble often into my savings so frequently because the rainy days were always there, standard of living was so high, little could be saved, savings was definitely a cancelled option.

Obtaining a loan was another, but these wasn’t a considerable option either, banks were hungry, they needed money so much, interest rates were outrageous, collateral wasn’t available either, this was an option that was just bound never to help, at least not me, and I know I also speak for a majority out there. The same went for investors, they wanted huge returns on their investment, they wanted control, and those who didn’t want control at least wanted equity, oft times I despaired, I just didn’t see how I was going to get capital to start, to make my dreams come true, to get my questions answered.

There was also an option that I had tried so many times, entrepreneurial competitions, start-ups, entrepreneurial TV shows, at least there was an abundance of these, but either due to ill luck which I often pinged my lack of success upon or that my ideas often competed against ideas that were far better than mine; the latter been the acknowledgeable truth, I never succeeded in this too. Frustration, pent up anger, a resignation to fate, a conceding to destiny which I believed was chartered that I would never fulfill my dreams, was all I experienced.

And then my moment of epiphany came, in the simplest of ways I could I have ever imagined, it struck me so hard the reality I needed to embrace, what I needed to do, I went home for holidays and on one of those long boring days I had picked my younger siblings’ English school book and read a very interesting story- a mother hen who was so lazy to hatch her own eggs, she would often send  other mother hens to help her out but with each passing day, her eggs wouldn’t be hatched, the other hens always had excuses, this hen had a chick who often prodded her about her  eggs  that hadn’t  hatched and she would  often  complain about the other hens not helping her and always coming up with excuses, and her little chick would often implore her to do it herself, in the end, the eggs got hatched by the hen not the other hens she always asked to help. Right there and then it struck me, it struck me so hard like a lightning bolt, I needed to hatch my eggs myself, I was the kick I needed, I was the one that needed giving myself the push, I was the one that needed moving from I want to, or I wish to do this, to I have done it. The secret to getting ahead was getting started.  My problem was always wanting to start big, not realizing the oft said simple truth that tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean, I needed tiny drops, I needed little toddler steps, that easily eliminated the issues of insufficient savings, or lack of loans or investment, I was going to be my own boss, I just needed to start, I started reading about people who had started businesses on a very small scale and how their business had boomed.

I got posted to a little town in my service year after graduating, my business nose smelt opportunities, and I pounced on it, out of the little stipend I got from the government during  my service year plus my salary, I started purchasing laundry equipment for indeed this little town had no laundry service at all despite the huge demand for it, in little less than 6 months, I started, income started flowing in, all of a sudden it seemed like what were dreams started materializing, the business was doing very  well in little time, I could now save to expand my business and meet other needs, after so many years of dabbling in various businesses as an employee, I was now an employer myself, my moment of epiphany came when I realized a simple truth, the key  to getting ahead was actually starting just like Agatha Christie said, a start moves you from a wanna-be to actually an achiever. In Robert Schullers words “you will never get anywhere if you don’t move”, so get up on your feet, and start, stop the fantasizing and endless hoping, START!!! , that is the key to getting ahead.


  1. Orowale Adeola Ayoola says:

    Nice write up… I’m so inspired. Wsh u success in the competition..

  2. Adedayo Ige says:

    I love this piece. You can do more, Oshea.

  3. muyiwa abiodun says:

    waw! bt i dont expect less cos the inspirational figure behind this write up iswonderful and still has more to offer. Thumbs up my brother.

  4. Olumide Adedotun says:

    this is great. A wonderful write-up from a inspiring author

  5. olumide says:

    this is great

  6. ami says:

    This is so inspiring…a must read for any budding businessman/woman! Jide, dis is a good one.

  7. akin israel says:

    the little difference btw an achiever and a dreamer is that the former starts cos he knows that’s the secret of getting
    ahead wyl d latter jst dreams on without doing anytin.ds piece exemplifies a lot of us problems.nice article thumbs up

  8. ayolana says:

    i’m totally loving this piece, simple truth said about us just needing to get started

  9. ayolana says:

    nice piece

  10. swain says:

    nice write up

  11. viruz says:

    Tyt ryt up……..very 9ice. Kudos

  12. Fayemiro akinwale says:

    Jide i love the simplicity of this story,its an obvious truth that we dream big and want a large life but instead of starting we don’t, we luk 4 excuses and blame our circumstances on several things wen al we nid is 2 jst start

  13. olalere oluwatosin ifeoluwapo says:

    Awesome article.great moral too

  14. atueyi frances says:

    Wow babajide this is a lovely piece.its true we often make the mistake of wanting to always start big when we should just focus on starting first before forging ahead with making things big

  15. muyiwa olamide says:

    this is really inspiring. good work bro..

  16. adetutu says:

    Nice one

  17. Daniels Adeoye says:

    Nice stuff. Weldone bro

  18. Tijani Gbolahan says:

    More power to your elbow! Keep it up

  19. muyiwa babajide says:

    I hope my article wins cos it’s a fantastic piece

  20. Oluyide keji says:

    Absolutely fabolous article,love how the hen story inspired the writer,all we truly need is just to start

  21. odusola damilola says:

    Splendid write up.this story inspires me

  22. akintola bobola says:

    Waoh lovely article

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