The secret of getting ahead is getting started


The secret of getting ahead is getting started-Agatha Christie. In the 18th century,there was never a lack of occupation.There was no government,no offices,no machines or electronics and yet,there was no unemployment. It is quite hard to imagine there was even no money, considering how important all these things are in the 21st century.Yet,the people were happy with their lives and even if they were not,they tried to be.They were farmers,traders,cattle-rearers,fisher-men,blacksmiths,etc and their lives co-existed because they minged and exchanged commodities in barter trade. Now,we live in the 21st century and to say things are changed is a gross understatement.Now,there is banking,law,politics,oil and gas, etc.What worked for our fathers no longer work for us.There now exists a need to be constantly on the rise.With the advent of public offices and education-where most people,especially youngsters believe means sitting in an office with an always filled cup of tea-food production has reduced drastically as no educated man wants to get his hands soiled by farming,when modern equipments can be used.Which is a totally laughable situation,as the modern equipments don’t come free.Where,then,or rather how do we achieve this much needed
development?Hence,capitalism. An entrepreneur is someone who makes money by starting or
running business,especially when this involves taking financial risks.The problem is,not everyone has the flair for being an entrepreneur.Most just do the former(starting a business)and then let it run to the ground due to lack of commitment and passion for
work.Everyone wants to be a boss,but only a handful are ready to claw tooth and nails in achieving a grand scheme.It is not unusual to see people,old and young,male and female,apply for loans in financial organizations for businesses they haven’t made an attempt at starting or even have a blueprint for.Lots of misguided persons think you need to have millions to start a business but entrepreneurship can start from even a retail store. Entrepreneurship,more than any other work,demands passion and commitment not just a passing fancy. An entrepreneur should be committed to doing whatever it takes to raise his business to the next level.Passionate and knowledgeable enough to draw the attention of investors and practical enough to handle problems,be it organizational or business-wise.

One of the factors differentiating a successful entrepreneur from a-not-too-successful one is the tendency to take risks.The stock market,rich in volatility and very dangerous to the businessman as the price of stocks depends largely on speculation and emotion. An entrepreneur needs to be on top of his game as there are lots of technological,economical and commercial changes everyday.For instance,the exchange rates are to be monitored closely and
constantly,technologies like internet,telephone call rates which are cheaper and the stock exchange market.Or a farmer who has to be on continous rise with new machines and equipments necessary for a fruitful produce.A financial entrepreneur has to keep up with
technological advancement so as to garner investments cross borders as globalization has given way to constructive competitiveness amongst nations.

An entrepreneur is personally responsible for all-round business activities and so needs a forward-thinking approach by thinking ahead and letting goals evolve,being an expert, flexibility and grabbing onto a vision with an iron fist and having a purpose,not flitting from one project to the other,being a jack of all trades and master of none.

Entrepreneurship requires continuous education in an ever-changing environment.Wisdom must be applied to successfully take charge of investments and opportunities and resolve unfavourable situations.
An entrepreneur needs not rest on his laurels after completing a project but moves on to the next one.The constant question should be ‘What Next?’Being a successful entrepreneur is a lifestyle choice not a destination!

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