“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”


“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”

Entrepreneur can definitely claim a place in the list of words loosely used today. Today everybody you ask wants to be an entrepreneur. Not that it is a bad thing, but how many of them actually end up succeeding, or for that matter even trying? On the other hand, a Google search will give list of successful entrepreneurs who made no conscious effort to be one.

So, why is it that some fail, while others don’t? “Luck”, you may say, but I say no. Succeeding as an entrepreneur depends more on you than any external factor.

Let’s start from the beginning.

The word Entrepreneur originates from the French word entreprendre which means “to undertake”. Moreover in Sanskrit, Antha Prerna means “Self motivated”. Therefore we can define entrepreneur as someone who undertakes something and seek it with self motivation. In other words, an entrepreneur is one who executes an idea.

Dreaming is important, it is what will be the motivation to create, build and succeed. But more important is to be in a constant race to catch up with these dreams.

Why a dreamer can’t be an entrepreneur

  • Fear: While the fear of failure is natural, one cannot expect to overcome it without facing it once. While a doer learns to accept failure as a major part of their endeavour, a dreamer enjoys a success streak in the dreams.
  • Competence: A good idea comes from a dream, fervour. But what good is passion without competence? To be an entrepreneur, it is essential to find out your passion (or market realities) and work on the skills required, or maybe even develop aspirations through competence.
  • Planning: Though it is not essential to have money to start an endeavour, albeit planning with a clear mind does no harm.
  • Perfectionism: The thing about dreams is, unlike life, it can be perfect if we are foolish enough to allow it. But once we do, we decide to wait till the idea is perfect, which it will never be, and that’s the end of the entrepreneur dream.
  • Lack of focus: Unless dream is paired with action, the idea will keep on changing for a better or more feasible one. And guess what-again not an entrepreneur.

The Conclusion

The ‘Mantra’ for entrepreneurship can be summed as: “dream + action =success”. The important thing is to do something about your idea not later, not tomorrow, not today but now.

Once you decide to chase your dreams and accept the hard work required from you, your idea can transform from a daydream to another success story on Google.

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