The world runs on perception, an entrepreneur on vision


It was when we were in 5th semester, we realized that the bug of entrepreneurship  had  bitten us. Akanksha , Kundan and I used to think for hours about what would be our idea, our way to entrepreneurship?

We discussed a lot about the skills and resources which we have and which we can use.

Without an idea and entrepreneurship on mind is like a bird with no wings.

It was a fine summer afternoon. Yes! Summer afternoons can also be fine if you are sitting inside an air conditioned computer lab. One of our professors came to announce that we are to submit the minor project synopsis in current semester and project in the next semester.

Everyone felt lousy about it including me and Akanksha. And there was Kundan, grinning (we call him java freak!).  We got a word of advice from him, just after 30 seconds of announcement about why we should shift our focus from entrepreneurship to our minor project. In the next 300 seconds, we heard names of top shops in the town that gives readymade minor projects. The problem was, they used to sell same projects year after year and college faculties were aware of all the projects, available at their shops.

Eureka! Eureka!

The idea was to make minor projects for our colleagues. Challenge was to come up with 5 fresh ideas while we had our minor project to make along with it. Total of six minor projects in one semester.

We banged on with 6 fresh ideas in 5 days. Akanksha took interface designing, I took database and all connectivity and coding part was under the grace of Kundan.

Along with the project we worked on documentation, to provide additional services to our dear customers.

We spent the most restless but passionate time making those projects. It was something we three have ever dreamt of. Having an idea and then experimenting on it. Though,  the scale of our entrepreneurship was negligible, we were still very excited about the whole concept. We were very tensed about what would happen if none of our project will run  or what if nobody will buy our projects?  But along with anxiety, we had firm faith in our idea. We knew that our efforts are strong and that we should only focus on making projects.

Two  weeks for the final submission of projects and we started approaching our batch mates studying in different college.

Five  projects and six different colleges, total projects sold were thirty-five.

Beyond our expectations, these thirty-five  projects were sold in 1 week.

But where is our own project   ?

We got so busy to work on this idea that we totally forgot to work on our own project. It is the beauty of entrepreneurship that when you are in it, you cannot be anywhere else. It requires your  200% efforts.

The pain of making five projects in such a short time, paid off and we submitted our project on time.

It was a small experiment that we did with entrepreneurship.  But we learnt a lot while doing it. The first thing we learnt is that our experience and knowledge about how to start something of our own is very less. And thus we have decided to give us ourselves some time to know how things work in the real world.

After engineering we have planned to do MBA and after some years of experience we will again put together our potential to start something new, something which would be big in scale, something that will again drive us crazy.


Kanika Sharma
Thakral college of Technology, Bhopal , Batch 2012
About Me: I am pursuing BE in Information Technology. I believe every work given to us is a platform through we get a chance to show our abilities and skills. I love reading, playing guitar and I love sudoku.


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    this is an amazing piece of work, i got to read and found that for the first time the venom is for some good. This whole concept of entrepreneurship is Fabulous. keep going… M proud of you… I am going to come to you soon as I too need a project for my college…. 🙂 my best wishes are all with you…..

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  85. Kanika Sharma says:

    @ kundan : thank you so much for your words kundan, without your support i couldnt have done it. thank you once again 🙂

  86. Kundan says:

    Hey Kanika,As always, I am  again moved by the genre of “writing things down” of urs….it was once again a quintessentially marvelous writing coz it possess a strange coherence of subject matter & delight of comic essence. That is really an impeccable writing as though words themselves are coming out to shout the latent expressions….. 

  87. surabhi says:

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  88. anushree says:

    hey kanika, its nice to see how you guys are passionate about entrepreneurship. We have a group called NEN. It helps new entrepreneurs with an idea. Do join us. It will be good for you.

  89. Kanika Sharma says:

    @prasha : thanx friend 🙂

  90. Kanika Sharma says:

    @apeksha : thankyou so much apeksha for your help and support 🙂

  91. Kanika Sharma says:

    @nayanika : thank you so much dear

  92. Kanika Sharma says:

    @pavan : thank you so much pavan. You are right it really takes a lot of time to come up with the idea. but once you know what you want, the passion drives you to success. 🙂

  93. Thanks for sharing your experience to whole over the world. “Experience is the best Teacher”, finally you had arrived at that situation. Getting a idea takes a hell lot of time. But when we put in our work with out any fail, we can experience the sweetness of the success that we receive via that work. So, keep on working and develop great ideas which will be helpful for our world community.

  94. golu says:

    awesome work dear….keep it up…all d best….

  95. Kanika Sharma says:

    we had no idea about at what prize we should sell these projects so we approached our faculty members to evaluate the cost of our projects and thus we found out that the cost is on the basis of the lines of code in a project. so every project has different cost according to the lines of codes 🙂

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