To begin with something, is the toughest thing


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”                                                                                                               -­­Agatha Christie

To begin with something, is the toughest thing that mankind has ever encountered from the beginning of time. From getting up in the morning to begin the day, to starting a relation afresh that has been soured since years due to animosity and cold-wars; From starting a new business that requires good ground work involving finding investors, forming business plan, a good team of dedicated professionals and a favorable work environ.


Most of the people around the world don’t chase their dreams just because they are too lazy to start. Laziness is the inbuilt quality in human beings around the world. This laziness leads to procrastination that is, postponing our work to tomorrow. We always find excuses to leave our work to tomorrow, and end up doing it at the very last moment when we have no other option but to complete it.


In all this, if we analyses the most important step to doing anything is getting started. As the old adage says – “Well begun is half done”, To move the cogs of a machine, to set in motion a vehicle, to get the wheels running, the starting stage is the one that requires maximum energy, maximum effort and perseverance.  Once we have set the ball rolling, the wheels in motion, it becomes a lot easier to steer the vehicle towards the goal and things fall in place.


Entrepreneurship is similar to a vehicle, in the initial stages we have to overcome the challenges faced to begin our enterprise. The rejections that we get from investors, people try to lead us away us from the entrepreneurial path, the difficulties of setting up our own businesses involving that of policy roadblock of the government, red tape and the most important factor is overcoming our own apprehensions.


Fear of failure is the major element that holds back many from taking risks in their lives. As J. K. Rowling the renowned author of Harry potter books in her address to students at the commencement speech at Harvard have rightly said that facing failure in life is the most important thing that always motivated her towards something better. Learning from her experiences that she got when she failed, helped her portray all those qualities and fears in her book. They were a blessing in disguise. Similar cases of failure were observed in case of Edison, when he was experimenting to find out a perfect metal filament for the incandescent bulb, after many failed test when others had lost hope, he still tried and succeeded laying the base for his electronic company.


Bill gates too faced failure in his initial ventures, until he stuck gold with Microsoft grabbing contracts with Altair and then with apple, eventually leading to making of windows and Bill being the world’s richest man, Soichiro Honda lost a contract with Toyota, he was ruined but he dared to dream and founded Honda Motor Company.


“You will never win if you will never begin.” If we keep on dreaming and procrastinating, fearing failures, calculating risks, being lazy we will never reach our goal. To get to the finish line, we have to first start the race. Even if we face rejection from investors, from the very people we trust, from our peers, our mentors; we have to have that belief in ourselves, in our idea, we begin with a small step, towards realizing our bigger dreams.

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