Tomorrow Never Comes


This is a wonderful quote by Agatha Christie. “Tomorrow Never Comes” is the phrase I would like to use to explain this. Everyone aspires for a good start and quick success in any business. The concept of kick start plays an important role in the growth of any individual. Lack of this leads to postponement of activities which is highly hazardous. This might happen in any field consider investment, savings or something of this sort.

I would like to give an example of a departmental store to keep it simple. I am interested to start on the business, but I am waiting for the best opportunity. Simply, I can tell you that I don’t have the dare to start on the business with what I have. I am ambitious to touch the sky in the first attempt and hence I am waiting for the situations like a place where I don’t have any competition, where I can find a populous and denser area with a fabulous goodwill. It is difficult for me to achieve all the above mentioned criteria and that too in the initial startup where I am not aware of the existing market with too few contacts in the respective business. Now ambiguity struck me where I shall choose one of the roads among the two which are as follows. Should I wait for the best opportunity to start on my business? Or Get into the business first and then work on the success?

If I am given with the above opportunity, I would choose the second .In the first option, I am simply wasting time not gaining any experience but simply wait which is unbeneficial .If I am not experienced, I would not know to use the tool though I am provided with good one. Hence, good food goes into waste. But, if I go with the second, where I have already established the business, I am well versed with the practical problems which don’t happen until and unless I am playing the game. As I move forward, I gain experience and now I have an idea what to do and what not to and at this point of time I can make good decisions and make use of opportunities.

Moreover, if we have a sum of money stagnant, we are adding no value to the money. If we invest it in the market rotating the money changing hands, we have a good sum of money with us though they are not our own money. Hence, I feel that one who wants to start a company or an enterprise should get to know about this thought. I feel excellent in telling you that this thought even motivated me to write this piece, which is my first work which I haven’t done before.

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