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A classic example of metamorphosis; the humble pupa bursts into life as a gorgeous butterfly. No less wonderful is the way technology has lent wings to aspirations. In the internet era that we live in, every horizon of life has changed. was born from the idea of providing an online platform to various forms of art.

Touchtalent is a global community of creative people. Today, creative users from 180 countries share their creativity (art) under 19 different categories on Touchtalent. These categories include Painting, Photography, Sketching, Design, 3D Art, Music, Comics, and Sculpting etc. Touchtalent is the biggest creative community in Indian Sub-Continent, expanding fast in South East Asia and Middle East.

The company was incorporated by Ankit Prasad and Mohd Wassem in April 2012.
Ankit, a resident of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, has always been a tech enthusiast, he wrote his first code at the age of 6 and started his first tech venture at the age of 15. He followed his passion for technology and joined IIT Delhi’s Mathematics and Computing Department
On the other hand, Wassem has always enjoyed doing business, he left his stable government job to earn few quick bucks so that he can fuel his entrepreneurial aspirations. After bagging his master’s degree from the Delhi School of Economics, he joined NTPC. In mid-2007, he moved to consulting as he knew it would be a quicker way to finance his dream.

It was in 2008 that Touchtalent’s founders bumped into each other, Wassem discussed opening a platform where all creative people including artists could put up their work, be it for appreciation or monetizing their creativity. However, the duo postponed the idea for lack of resources. They kept in touch, and in July 2012, armed with adequate resources and a more refined business plan, they launched public version of


When people started believing that Facebook is the ultimate platform to socialize, they saw touchtalentanother platform called Quora (by former Facebook employees themselves) was making the rounds as the place to ask questions about life, universe and everything. In 2010, another networking site called Pinterest gained instant fame. This pinboard style image sharing website allowed its users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. They could draw millions of users to their niche. A whole new class of social network evolved gradually which were called interest based networks, where the basis of networking is common interest.

Social networks clearly organized around interests, instead of groups of friends and family will attract business en masse. Other example of such a network is LinkedIn.
Similarly, Touchtalent is for people who create and would want to display, share, appreciate and monetize their creativity. Creative people have been largely ignored as an independent community and Touchtalent as a concept aims to strengthen this community.

To start off initially, they obviously needed some funding. So to test the waters before the big leap, a Facebook page was started, more than 50,000 people followed it within couple of months. Buoyed by the response, Wassem pumped in a seed capital to set up Touchtalent. Most of the seed capital went into renting an office space at Vasant Kunj, Delhi, hiring employees and setting up the official website. Private beta version of the website was launched in April 2012, followed by a public version in July.

Their unique idea of creating degrees of separation graph, online studios, 3D simulation, talent

quotient and other gamification techniques to keep creative user engaged, helped them in impressing investors and gaining a funding in early 2013 from three different angels in their individual capacity.

one of the founders of

Ankit Prasad: one of the founders of

When asked about their views on entrepreneurship, Mr. Ankit said

“Entrepreneurs have been, are and will always drive the world forward. And the most difficult part when we started was to build a team of entrepreneurs; but we now have a really good team full of zeal and enthusiasm.”

Some Interesting facts about Ankit Prasad:
• Awarded Kairos Fellowship for the year 2012-2013
• Official TEDx youth speaker
• Awarded various major awards during the 5 years stay at IIT Delhi: Best Fresher Award, Best Chief Editor Award, Cumulative contribution to Board for Student Publication award etc.
• Winner in Global Student Entrepreneurship Award, South Asia, North Zone finals.
• Started his first venture at the age of 15 successfully scaled up and took an exit.
• Chief Technology Officer of a technology start up for 1 year (January 2011 till November 2011).
• Assembled a successful team of entrepreneurs and founded – A community for creative people.

You can find more about touchtalent here:
Company: Talent Unlimited Online Services Pvt, Ltd.

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