Travel Triangle – Rs 12 million revenue in 7 months of start


Indian Institute of Technology alumni’s has a track record of turning their backs on corporate careers to launch a venture of their own.

Mostly Start-ups have a shaky beginning however TravelTriangle (, an online travel services company launched by Sankalp Agrawal and Sanchit Garg is clocking revenues of Rs 1.2 crore in just seven months.

Born in Noida seven months ago with a business model that links customers with travel agents who offer the best deals, the startup has a capital generation model very unique to its own.

Every customer request goes to at least three travel agents whose operations in the area of client’s destination. The agents compete among themselves to provide the best experience and price to the vacationer.

There is no perfect time to start, now is the right time – this is what drove Sankalp Agrawal, 26, who earned his degree in computer science from IIT Kharagpur in 2008 And Sanchit Garg who graduated from IIT Bombay.

Soon they roped in a third friend from school, Prabhat Gupta, who graduated from IIT Guwahati the same year, as a core development member. The idea came about on a trip to Leh some two years ago when Agrawal found that two other friends booked similar packages as theirs but from different travel agents. One of them booked with the local travel agent in Leh and got the best deal, whereas his group shelled out much more for the same package.

This led to the inception of Travel Triangle and listing all the agents under one roof.
According to Agrawal, it is not a travel agency. The services are free for travellers who also get quotes from multiple agents. The start-up now has tie-ups with 150 travel agents in India and overseas, including Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Egypt.

The founders believe they can perform well and take their venture to the sky as they have no worries, no hang-ups and no EMI Liability. The only hitch was convincing parents about their own belief. But finally they managed to convince them and with their thumbs up started their unique venture.

Agrawal is in talks with multiple venture capital and angel firms to raise first round of funding, evaluating offers from investors in the US and India.
Agrawal has ensured that he works with a lean team (they are just a 12-member operation) and is very picky with spending and new hires after a “lot of wrong hiring and firing.”

The 12-person team already includes senior managers from Spicejet, with “attractive and innovative compensation plans” devised to recruit and keep the best employees.

Travel Triangle have received applause from media and news such as CNBC, Economic times,, NASCOM – 50 fast emerging startup, etc.

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  1. Suresh Kumar says:

    The traveltriangle is a group of immature individuals. They have no management and communication skills. As a result whoever chooses to hire their services, will suffer to a level unimaginable and lose his self respect in front some stupid drivers and hoteliers not to mention their own relative, friends and kids.

    I am one of the stupid who choose to take their service for a trip to Kashmir. Please read my response to their claims and I would personally request not to fooled my them by choosing TravelTriangle

    All stated claims are false and untrue.
    Let me take your email point by point.
    1. You claim that you tried to contact me many times. I say that is not the case because if you had tried I would have missed calls in my mobile log. That is not the case. Your are lying.
    2. About the car. Go and see the pdf of your voucher. There you have promised Itios and not Swift. Instead I got Inova for first and second day and thereafter I was highly noisy Tavera with a 60 year old driver called ‘Mama’, who was joke of the town whenever he was stuck in a situation of little discomfort on the road. Again your are misleading the TravelTriangle. The terms in your voucher states that the driver will be available from 8.00 an to 8.00 pm, but once we reached the Hotel he will leave us immediately. So we wish to go for dinner or shopping we have to manage on our own.
    This driver was highly critical of the people visiting Kashmir from Delhi. When it came the to visit Pahalgam, following are the excuses that he gave for not visiting Pahalgam
    a. You have to be ready by 6 am in the morning. We Agreed that if its long driver we will be ready by 6 am.
    b. Than he said it is national highway which has huge traffic pressure. I explained that around Delhi and elsewhere in India traffic is no problem.
    c. Than He said the Pahalgam is very dirty for your comfort and some the Hotel staff joined him saying that ‘Alha kasam’ (by God) pahalgam is very dirty as well.
    d. Than if you go to Pahalgam you may come back to Srinagar as late as 3 am in the next morning and there will be ‘Shikara’ to take to the Houseboat. So you instead visit local Mandir etc.
    e. Once he said that it is difficult for him to see properly in the dark.
    f. He said the month of Ramzan is begin and all the people in Kashmir leave for their home by 6.30 in the evening including the driver himself.

    3. Regarding the change of driver. You did not change the driver ‘instantly’. I informed the TravelTriangle in the evening that I do not want that particular driver in the next morning for dropping me to the airport. But it was the same driver next morning come to pick us up. Than I decided either you change the driver or I will take a private vehicle for the airport. Only after that you send a big 12 seater mini bus. By the way that mini bus took us up to a market near J&K Bank building (It may be it’s headqurters). There the driver asked us to wait in the mini bus for a while. We waited there for about half an hour. Than he transferred us to a Itios and took us to the airport.
    4. You said that a manager came to visit me. That never happened. So there is no chance of my saying that I am satisfied for now as you claimed above.
    5. Last day I received a call from Aijij. He said that I should have contact him earlier and at that point he can do nothing.

    Further, on very first day, 27-6-14, when reached the airport on 2.55 pm about 20 minute late as the flight got delayed, I could not locate your driver. When local people saw me in a situation as my post paid phone was not able to reach you, they took your number from me a called you. You gave me the name of the driver. The locals helped me to locate that driver. Now the driver who came to us was not there for us. He came to pick someone else. Than one other driver, his name is Azad, said came with a very small placard in his hand with my name on it. The size of the placard was less than half of the A4 size paper and he is waiting for last four hour as you gave the wrong landing time to him and my nightmare began from there itself. The driver was furious that I was at fault not able to trace him.

    The list is endless if I include the Service at Hotel and the breakfast they provided was highly below standards and unprofessional.

    Suresh Kumar

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