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Gotta crush? Try Hitherto Crush this Valentine

Are you one of those awaiting for Valentine’s Day and still haven’t planned out, here’s something for you which goes beyond the morning fog, chocolates, roses and champagne. Hey friends Hitherto Crush ( welcomes you this valentine season. This start up from Mr. Piyush Bengani, a student of IIT Guwahati has its arrow at hearts sans hesitation and nervousness.

Adolescence offers feelings of liking and love, and in the midst of two is the crush. Its like secretly looking at someone and imagining that he/she also notices you. And then there is the dilemma whether he/she likes me or not?
If you have crush on someone and you haven’t told your crush about it, then Hitherto Crush is the right place for you.
Hitherto Crush is an anonymous dating website to obviate fears of one sided love for those who are unable to express their feelings to their love out of hesitation, awkwardness and fear of embarrassment of the answer NO.

Right now Hitherto Crush provides two basic features, “Adding Crush” and “Online Proposal”.

Adding Crush

Let us say X (a boy) likes a girl Y but fears to say so directly. He visits Hitherto Crush and adds the email id of the girl along with a “Crush Hint” if he wants. A “Crush Hint” would be like “School”, “College”, “Neighbourhood” or “Work”. As soon as X does it, Y will receive an email notifying that someone has added her as a crush.

Y won’t know that X added her to his crushlist until Y adds X back to her crushlist.
This means when two users add each other in their crushlist then only they will be notified that they have crush on each other. In case user Y avoids the mail or adds Z (another boy she might have crush on) to her crushlist, user
Y need not worry and thus plays safe and sound.
Online Proposal

Online Proposal allows users to propose their loved ones anonymously. Let us say X (a boy) proposed a girl Y through Hitherto Crush by giving Y’s email id. Just after it an email is sent to Y like:



The proposed one can only see the proposal text through a special link like this: (topmost highlighted proposal). He/she can also see the proposal through his/her hitherto crush account but can never know who has proposed. The proposal text is posted on the ‘Open Proposal Portal’ ( where the identity of the duo(the proposer and the proposed one) is not revealed.
However, every online proposal is first verified and there are certain rules regarding it.

Rules of proposal:
● It should not contain name of anyone.
● It should not contain any such thing which may be offensive to anyone in any form.
● It may contain nick names or some hints so that the proposed one may get some idea about who may have proposed him/her.

A fun concept? Well, this can be a HUGE hit in colleges and can be taken to the workplace too!

So, this year don’t forget to give the most amazing gift, your heart.

Disclaimer: Hitherto has been reviewed by the author. The author is not responsible for any loss, damage, etc. while using the services of Hitherto. Users are advised to use their own sense, safety, precaution and expertise in using this. Users are also advised to check their age eligibility before using Hitherto.

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