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A firm believer of dreams founded a way through which rest of students searching for opportunities across the country can live up their own dreams .

Also working with an Ngo, Karthikeyan, a student passed out from BITS, Pilani cofounded which is a platform that gives student a gamut of opportunities.  The opportunities range from internships in diverse roles to scholarships, conferences and other student competitions and events around the world. Twenty19 exists to educate and enable students to take more initiatives. It was was founded by Karthikeyan and Rahul Prabhakaran in November 2009.

“Students can gain meaningful knowledge and skills only when they take initiatives and get hands on experience in the real world. Through this platform, twenty19 enables students to equip themselves better to pursue their dream career”, says the founder of

They create products and processes which make a real impact on real people, everyday.Through this it can be observed how the everyday work directly translates into the tangible impact that through this site they are making on the educational system. This is what inspired them and this is what they are driven by . The potential to bring about a real change!

This record of the impact took place in creation of this site within period of 12 months.

• 1200+ companies partner with to reach out to students

• Rs. 3,00,00,000+ Stipend has been offered by companies which posted internships on Twenty19

• Students from 1700+ Colleges benefit from

• Over 100 training institutes partner with twenty19 to offer training to students

It is the team of six people involving

• Karthikeyan Vijaykumar – Founder & CEO

• Rahul Prabhakar – Head of Operations

• Kamalesh VG – Lead Software Developer

• Nivedita Bhardwaj – Leader Corporate Relations

• Ramya Ravi – Internship Coordinator

• Malavika Reshmi – Event Coordinator


The constant urge and an inner fire to give something to the society has moulded Kamlesh VG  into an aspiring entrepreneur which is why he joined in the plan of making twenty19 alive.

Basically the concept behind their working is that students can only learn by watching the things in reality learning the practical applications of what is being taught in the four walls of a class room. Their dream can only survive if students know how to live it in real world and this opportunity is brought to several students bytwenty19.

How the journey began is yet another interesting story.

They were running a Business Consulting Start-up, they always had interns from different colleges working learning & having fun .They reached a stage where they had so many numbers of students which were more than the required space and that was moment they decide to connect themselves with all other students. Thus tewnty19 emerged. It believes that student should be given what they need so they started communicating with students across the city and learnt what they can do to give students their best.

Well the history of name is surprisingly a nice idea by the innovators because it symbolizes their passion in late teen and early twenties .The age group where students actually get keen to learn new stuff around.

Freedom with responsibility is the core characteristic that team culture is built on. Flexible leave policy, Flexible work hours, work-from-home policy supports the team Twenty19 to make the best use of the available time. They believe that ‘responsible’ freedom nurtures creativity and enables innovation. Every member is encouraged and empowered to Think, Initiate and Implement. The whole concept of their creativity has transformed work into fun. They exist to make real impact on real people, every day. Witnessing the students benefit from twenty19 excites and inspires them.  They work with the vision of every student to be in position to choose what their dream is.

While internship opportunities are the most sought, there is no lack of companies offering them either. Since May 2011 year alone, the site exclaims, nearly 5000 internships amounting to over 1 crore rupees have been offered. “It’s doubtless more companies want to work with students today. But they don’t have the bandwidth to sift through irrelevant resumes or the reach to target the right students – and that’s where we come in,” explains Karthik.

The start-up charges providers of training courses for every listing and conversion, and is, currently, working to transition its intern-recruitment offering to a paid model. So what’s driving the confidence behind this move? “The high return rates,” says Karthik. “So many companies wouldn’t be coming back if we weren’t delivering what they wanted. And we are confident we can monetize it,” he affirms.

This creation has definitely made student across country a successful employee. They are living up to their expectations. Many students have shared their experience and it is hoped that with every passing year they will definitely succeed in dream path that they have created for students.


Surabhi Joshi
Mody Institute of Technology and Science/2013
About me: I am pursuing my btech in electrical and electronics engineering. I like writing poem,playing keyboard and clicking photographs. I am also associated with technical as well as literary teams of my college.


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