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We all have studied the inspiring story of Flipkart, that how the Bansal Brothers used to deliver their initial orders. They were alone to do the buying, packing and delivering the books.

The same kind of passion we have seen in ucanrentbooks.com, the founders get the books directly from suppliers and deliver it to customers using public transport only.

Ucanrentbooks.com was started on June 13th 2013 and website was launched on August 2nd, 2013. It is a Delhi based startup.

Ucanrentbooks.com is an online book Renter and seller to students. Offering best price in the rental market. They are taking college experience to a new level. Books are the vital element in the college life and still students search for books in markets and libraries spending a huge amount on them. By renting your semester books you can minimize your expenses to half. Currently They are renting and selling books of every course and semester.

Techaloo got an opportunity to have a chit chat with Sumit Kumar, founder at Ucanrentbooks.com. Let see what he has to share with our audience.

Techaloo : How the entrepreneurship journey started? Or who inspired you to start business?
Sumit : My entrepreneur journey started from the last day of my college. I learnt in my college life that books are very important for students and any notes, ppt, or internet cannot fill the place of books but books are very expensive for college students to buy or even rent from local book stores. So I thought why not someone should start an online book renting website for college students and these thoughts become my dream. In my last semester of college I researched a lot about market, industry and customers and launched website on 2 aug. 2013 with my friend who left me in the mid way of my journey.

The need of students and the potential of the service is inspired me to start this venture I myself believe that this is the need of today’s problem with student it is the single factor which keeps me awake in night that I need to provide establish a destination which is a perfect alternative of buying books

Techaloo : What was the vision mission of the Ucanrentbooks? What exactly you wanted to do when you started your business?
Sumit : When I started this venture I have a vision which is shrinks in a single line “whenever someone thought of getting any book for them, Ucanrentbooks will be the first name which will cross their mind.

And it is still our vision i.e. everyone will rent books instead of buying at cheaper rates and our mission is to reach every student of India so that they will never face the problem of searching and buying books.

I actually wanted to provide a large product line to everyone not only for students but to everyone so that they can even rent other kinds of books like autobiographies, story books etc. But we left that thought aside that college students needs us more and started serving college students.

Techaloo : What are the prices for renting a book?
Sumit : We offer two kinds of prices. Rent any new college book at 60% off from MRP i.e. customers have to deposit the MRP of the book at the time of delivery and we will return 60% of the deposit back to customer and we will charge 40% of the deposit. Second price is on used books. Rent any used book and get 80% off from MRP. Process of charging fee is same as above. We will rent book for complete semester i.e. 155 days (commonly)

Techaloo : How are you different from book stores?
Sumit :
We provides more offers and services which a bookstore is incapable of providing. We are also different from the entire online rental industry as we don’t ask for membership and  subscriptions.

Techaloo : What are the no. of clicks from searching and getting the book?
Sumit : We are still working on inferior quality of technology due to the less involvement of funds. Currently to any book student need to fill a order form in which he/she will tell us about requirement of their book and later we contact them and quote the price, receive their confirmation on price and then deliver the book it.

When we design the store in Future it will take only 2 clicks to find the book. Just type book’s name or author or ISBN no. and order your book.

Techaloo : Can you please explain the overall procedure in short?
Sumit :

Step-1 Fill up the order form on website with asked requirements.

Step-2 We will SMS customer that we received your order and emailed you about your rental price and saving if you agree with the price quoted reply back as order is confirmed.

Step-3 We then gets the book from supplier and delivers it to customer. Receive MRP of the book during delivery.

Step-3 When customers rental period get over we contact customer and fix a date to pick-up the book and refund back the discount money to customer.

Techaloo : How are you managing the shipping?
Sumit : We are currently limited order area within Delhi-NCR. The number of orders we are receiving is less so use public transport bus and metro as it is cheapest mode of transport. We bind the book with plastic sheet to increase its life cycle. We haven’t contracted with any logistics partner as we think our service is our unique strong point which is delivery within 2 days. We self deliver the books to student and pick up.

We receive the book from supplier and directly deliver to customer without any delay. It saves our cost.

Also we provide free shipping only on orders whose book’s worth is more than 500. Orders less than 500 we will charge Extra Rs. 35 for delivery.

Techaloo : What is the current book base in your warehouse?
Sumit : We don’t have any warehouse as we don’t keep inventory with our self as we are start-up who is looking for seed funding and venture capital it is hard for us to maintain warehouse right now.

Techaloo : How are you getting books to rent?
Sumit : We buys ordered books from suppliers at good discount and rent them to customers. Our suppliers are local book market and stores.

Techaloo : Currently you are providing services in NCR region, are you planning to move to other cities also?
Sumit : Yes our mission is to reach every student of the India. We are researching cities with potential customers and great demand but we will only tap those markets when we will receive a handsome amount from venture capitals and we are planning to apply for venture capital.

Techaloo : Have you got any kind of funding?
Sumit : From last 5 months we are surviving on self funding but we have applied incubators, accelerators to help us you can call us a struggling start up who wants to change the book tradition of college students.

Techaloo : What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next 3 years?
Sumit : Our Future plan is to expand from Delhi to 5 more cities within 3 years and increase the number of supplier with inventory of every available book for college student. We will also set up our own logistic company to maintain the quality of the service that we promise for.

We will also planning to create an app for mobile through which any student can order book simple from their mobile too. Also we will provide ebooks to college student. Also we will increase our arms to school student and rent them school books.

Techaloo : What will be your advice/suggestion for new entrepreneurs for starting new business?
Sumit : My advice for new entrepreneurs for starting new business is attach yourself with business emotionally but also consider the reality of the business it must be profitable and have long term growth potential. Always look at the bigger picture and do remember customers are the boss give them what they want and need solve a real time problem don’t consider it by yourself that I think it and they will like it ask them do u like it and what they want. GO OUT AND ASK QUESTIONS.

Techaloo : Few words about techaloo.com?
Sumit : Though techaloo mailed me a long time ago and I replied them just 2 days ago and they keep in touch with me by email with quick service and personal touch that’s what I call customer service quick instant and good. A 5/5 for techaloo as I believe there are very limited opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs to show case their work and get featured.

Meet the team :
At starting there were two founders Sumit and Dikshit but Dikshit left because of some reason. Then Sumit met Ranjeet at Tlabs during a event and decided to work together on Ucanrentbooks. Ranjeet singh is a B.Sc Chemistry (H) graduate from Hindu College. He is a website designer, developer and also the founder of a social media website www.spacenab.com .  He has experience in his sector and Sumit Kumar is  a BBA student 2013 from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University have 8 months experience of running Ucanrentbooks performing website designing, product research and marketing online and offline, product delivery and pickup. I mean every function of the business.

 Sumit Kumar

 Sumit Kumar
 Ranjeet Singh Ranjeet Singh


Mohit Bansal(23) is B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. He has interest in business and entrepreneurship and has published couple of research articles. He is also associated with various NGOs. He is with Techaloo when it was just in concept stage. The Techaloo site was not existing even then. Currently Mohit is working with Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst Profile.

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