United Bank Cards – A young entrepreneur’s Success Story


It is very rare to find people who build their Entrepreneurship Empire at a very young age. And one such person is Jared Isaacman.


Isaacman had a desire to become an entrepreneur at the age of 16. He did not let it be a desire for a long time , he left his school and took the General Educational Development, or GED. He worked at a Credit card company for six months and then he started his own business in the same industry, United Bank Card Inc.

Now , at 30 , Isaacman continues to lead the company he started from his parents’ basement in New Jersey. The only difference being it’s a bit bigger. United Bank Card, which is based in Allentown, Pa., now goes by the name Harbortouch and processes nearly $12 billion in payments annually for more than 100,000 U.S. merchants.

Isaacman also started a second venture called Draken International out of Lakeland, Fla. He calls this aviation company as the world’s largest air force which has more than 50 jet fighters, and offers simulated threats for training exercises for one of its clients, the U.S. Department of Defense. Isaacman has developed a strong attraction towards aircraft and trained to be a jet pilot, an acrobatic flyer and certified flight instructor.

After reading all this it is obvious for a question to be raised about how did Isaacman find his opportunity in such a close-knit industry of credit card processing?

After leaving school at 16 with that GED, Isaacman went to work for a credit card processing company called MSI Merchant Services Inc.

“They were and remain a great company. I learned quite a bit from their management team and principally Mario Parisi. He is one of the partners at the company and has been a great friend and mentor. In fact, Mario Parisi and my father are probably the two most inspirational figures when it comes to my growth as a company leader,” Isaacman says.

Despite his admiration for Parisi, he paid attention. After all, Isaacman was looking for his chance to start up. After a short stint at the company, it hit him: Credit card processing companies were missing out on a key revenue driver, as he saw it.

So on , Isaacman deeply got immersed into this processes and business completely. He has shaped many strategies for this industry and been leading in the front from the past 14 years of his business establishment.

For all the people who believe that success comes only being clear on their goal and working on it alone, Isaacman proves that your goal, passion and interests can all be worked on together, yet succeed.







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