Quiz for the rest mass simply means test, exam, asking stupid unrelated questions, answering them, press the buzzer as soon as you here the question i.e. at the speed of sound that implies running your personal processor (brain) given by god @ the speed of light, look at the screen and  analyse the picture or clip formation by the rays of light moving straight from  projector end to the screen, listen to the audio like you listening someone’s password and give rapid responses in fact correct answer to it or burst out saying that I knew that answer or may be a jobless person standing in front of you with a very loud and clear voice with some cards plakes at his/her hand  “stating” himself or herself as a quizmaster but for some it’s just passion, devotion and nothing but true love.

I wouldn’t have realized it that I come in the second set of people if I had never been to an professional quiz as so ever. Let me start simply from my school, I was in 9th grade and as the average little teenager but unlike my classmates I had X factor the cutting edge not that I was extremely good at studies, I was only a bathroom singer or I was not on the famous list nor on the sports but on the stage and on the stage only on quizzes I wasn’t winning all but some for sure. One of the first live Quiz was with “pickbrain” Giri balasubramanium   where I was sent by my school in Bangalore which I didn’t win but it had a huge impact on me. After my 10th I joined pre-university college(2009),Carmel PUC everything was going good till we had an college fest organized by our college, there was a quiz “compedation” as it is always there everywhere I found one of the guy in my class and made him agree just to take up part in the quiz with me but just the few days before the fest he offended to participate by stating he was not really interested I had no option but to withdraw my name from the game but I found a guy in my class named Rahul who wanted to participate in quiz but dint find any partner so as destiny had to meet us we formed a team and then not limiting ourselves not just to our college we had to participate in many quizzes across many colleges in and around Bangalore and both of us soon realized each other’s real potential. During these times the globe was just rising a bit by bit having a hard bite from the recession and as I was connected to media and at that time the so called “Internet” now the basic necessity and fundamental right, I was aware of the situation as my dads salary was cut down with 10%,I knew the only survivors were smart business and smart, realistic entrepreneurs so as a teenager and coming from a Gujrati baniya family I too wanted to have an business of my  own which by now is called  entrepreneurship. And all I knew was that a company or a business  is successful by a innovative and a excellent idea I started thinking and suddenly when I was in my 12th which in Karnataka is known as 2nd PU the idea just clicked in my mind not that I should be a quizmaster but surely wanted to conduct many quizzes which by then was my passion and as the world says that if you make your passion as your profession you would never repent on the career you have made, with that flash idea in my mind I started thinking day and night as I was a electronics student I didn’t want to take risk of a new start up only by me so I approached my partner in all  quizzes and by then a very important people in my life Rahul who was a computer student so as he can help in preparing the ppt’s for the quizzes, as he heard it as first was a little confused and pretty unsure about the idea and then it took me hours to explain to him and make him understand the concept of making money out of the knowledge and information we had then I told the idea to my parents and they were very much supportive and encouraged me starting up  and then to a very few close friends who were also very much motivative as by then a month had passed one fine evening as I was solving math I came across tangents and thought for a while and singlehandedly  came up with the name “WildTangents” for our company of two it was excepted after a few arguments it was excepted and we internally had it fixed. Now the major problems we faced that were like we were students and had to keep up with our studies unlike many successful entrepreneurs we did not want to be college dropouts, we weren’t that experienced in the entertainment and information industry to keep our hands on the professional  business so we started with our own college to conduct only quizzes and we were initially little scared but then we managed and moved on, now this is what most  entrepreneurs do they specialize themselves in the area of service. Now we had to move on so we started approaching different colleges and asked them to have our quizzes conducted in various fests  which we offered a low price than others but still making profit out of it as we did not have any major investment in our company except precious time, energy and good utilization of our brains.

Our sector is both entertainment and service sector so as the founders of the company we have to keep updating, upgrading ourselves and keep an eye on our competitors too. We have certainly taken inspiration from a lot of people especially from the people associated with the quiz industry many famous and successful quizmasters and their team mates also come here in the list. Both the partners Rahul and myself Mayur are equally 50% partners in the company and we equally distribute the cost and profit also. At present we both are studying mechanical engineering we are not huge at present but we will be one day that’s our confidence and determination and we aim high and are looking very much forward towards taking our company to the next higher level.

This is the story of our startup and this is an example showcasing that how a classmate sitting next to you with a big idea in his head can lead to a great success.


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    Hey everyone please read it and try to like it…

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